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Children’s English Enlightenment those things – Sohu maternal and child English Enlightenment those things text: A Fang follow CBAcademy’s O2O class has five months. How are you getting on with your English study? The first to listen to an audio ~ current browser does not support music or speech, please in the WeChat browser or other 0:23 player three adorable baby speak English from happy parent-child reading is what to say? Hee hee, Elephant, Snake, Turtle…… That’s the baby. We are playing a game: from a magic bag, Tintin call what, what will come out. Ha ha, this is a small audio on the road to grow a memorial. Well, Ding Ding English learning what progress? Share some of my observations this month: Ding Ding’s conscious "reading" began to show up and began to show interest in writing. He pointed to a word card "dog", said: "this is dog~", the new "turtle" is very interested in, it was found in a very inconspicuous place a Book: "here is a turtle~", began to abstract character recognition. Can learn from the dozens of word cards will be the food of the word card pick out. Interestingly, Ding Ding turtle will also pick out, asked him why, he said: "Shan Park (a restaurant) there is turtle~" Oh, he remembered the Turtle tank placed in the seafood restaurant, so turtle should also belong to eat! This little head, Ding Ding thought ~ very enthusiastic to learn to life, everyday language is often mixed with English, for example: "my grandma loves incaberry, this is cat to eat food", "a yellow dog" and so on. The main character is Ding Ding. In fact, in the middle of this month, the younger brother of Z’s English is also improved. Many English games are often played by two brothers. The content of this English class seems simple, in fact, is the teacher’s careful arrangement, the so-called an inch wide, a mile deep". Small Z will be obtained here apply to the school of English learning. Small Z is the fear of English before, remember the second grade English exam, Z described the mind like a big hole; small Z is not afraid of English now, the teacher also arranged for him to have difficulties in learning the students when the teacher. Small Z because of this O2O class, gradually to English learning has interest and confidence. I put these children back to change Ding Ding’s apple class CBAcademy WeChat group, said: "the teacher Fangqiu brothers benefit cannot do without his mother and insist on." I was inspired. The Enlightenment of children’s English needs an environment, and the mother is an important part of the environment. On the education intentions, want to enjoy a higher quality of parent-child time, discipline and persistence, a certain degree of learning English相关的主题文章: