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China Ping An will welcome 37% rise space? Insurance stocks need to fix the valuation of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Zhu Shouren insurance stocks, undervalued? Indeed, a domestic life insurance business insurance agency responsible person said, the current low interest rate environment, is undoubtedly an important challenge at this stage of the life insurance industry: interest rates down, will make the insurance company investment pressure, causing spread risk spreads narrowed, resulting in the life insurance company’s overall value, profit margins. However, the Research Report of global financial group Macquarie recently released show that the market for the current domestic life insurance false share price, only reflect the short-term profit current challenges. Macquarie research through the company’s net assets yield (ROE) analysis shows that the Chinese life insurance company the real profitability is very stable, and prospects, therefore should have higher trading multiples. China’s current insurance stocks have been undervalued". Specific to the insurance company, through the analysis of the intrinsic value of Macquarie, Ping An Life basic rate of return on net assets of nearly 5 years on average to 36% ranked in the top spot. Coincidentally, the day before the well-known international investment bank HSBC released a research report, announced the revaluation of the China safe business, cancel a comprehensive financial valuation of 20% discount, while Ping An shares and A shares rating from "hold" to "buy", target price of HK $56 and 47 yuan. As of September 29th closing, China Ping an H shares, A shares were HK $41 and $34.19, respectively, implying that about 37% of the expected uplink space. Following the acquisition of rapid expansion after 2015, safe from the past 1 (self mode) and 2 (open market), enter 3 (open market + open platform), focus on cultivating ecological platform open to the whole industry, this is China Ping An chairman Ma Mingzhe said the next 10-20 years, the development of a new model of financial industry the". The life insurance started early in the domestic practice, comprehensive financial layout of the Internet Financial Holding Group, inserted the 3 change wings, China Ping (601318.SH 02318.HK) will bring a kind of imagination for many investors? "Life is a cornerstone in Macquarie view, although China life insurance company profit and loss table structure disorder, miscellaneous too much, not, and did not affect the abnormal fluctuation of eliminating market, so that the basic trend of these companies is difficult to assess. The market is often based on short-term projects to make judgments, the higher the cost of equity capital. However, "after a study found that, in fact China basic life insurance company’s business model than people think the situation much more stable: in the past ten years, although the life insurance company’s profit growth is like a roller coaster of fluctuation; but if in the adjustment of reserve changes on capital gains and losses, the domestic life insurance company profits the level of growth is relatively stable, since 2009 is to reach 2 on相关的主题文章: