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"China type relationship" premiered at Chen Jianbin. Chinese type _02 network burst red > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "China relation" entertainment news by Tencent Tianma image film company limited, Shanghai nine deer Television Productions Ltd, happy blue ocean film culture group Limited by Share Ltd jointly produced, Shen Yan Liu Haibo, Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, CO directed, Zhao Lixin, Hu He, Ye Yiyun, Dai Xu, Li Yeping, Tian Xiaojie, Lv Zhong, actress co starred in the TV series "Chinese relationship" was officially landed last night, Beijing TV, dragon tv. The play was broadcast, they gain a high degree of attention, causing a large number of audience hot. One section of Chen Jianbin angrily derailed lines, a burst of red in the network. "China relation" Chen Jianbin "life" premiered at the beginning of this year to fall outside the industry highly anticipated as realism masterpiece, "Chinese type relations" once broadcast, they made a good start performance ratings. The hot topic list of micro-blog broadcast TV ratings in second. Although only two episodes, but with a funny, exciting plot, to firmly grasp the attention of the audience. Many viewers praised: "White did not expect!" In the "Chinese type relationship" premiere of the two focus, often to a winner in life attitude and appearance of Chen Jianbin, a debut will come a cropper, change radically through life. He played Ma Guoliang and just returned overseas beauty Jiang Yinan (Ma Yili ornaments) first, then two parallel bars, two first part is on the plane, and then to the negotiating table, Ma Guoliang cultural differences greatly was Jiang Yinan splashed his face red, later, in nnocently Jiang Nan. Ma Guoliang fell down the stairs, to a "systemic radias internal injuries". Fulgurate dragged back home, did not expect it to hit the subordinate transport Shen (Zhao Lixin) and wife Liu Lili (Hu He ornaments) Louloubaobao two affair official exposure in front of Ma Guoliang. You did not say clearly, it was tough mother-in-law not to come back out make unfounded countercharges, just don’t say, stigma on the back of looking for "mistress". Only half a day, Ma Guoliang from the hold live into a lost wife lost home, double lost middle-aged". Chen Jianbin angrily "cheaters" heat users: poker-faced funny more destructive to Ma Guoliang’s tragedy, many netizens also as Chen Jianbin made a sympathetic tears: "rarely see Chen Jianbin play so" miserable "role, his abuse of others, so, out of the mix, sooner or later have to repay." There are friends joked: "Chen Jianbin’s role is to escape from being ‘green’ fate?" One section of "Shen Yun Ma Guoliang angrily Liu Lili derailed" video, also sparked heated debate, many network big V are actively forwarding. This video, outraged Ma Guoliang shouted: "Lao Tzu for you to eat for you to wear, you popular hot drink, you carry out for Lao Tzu wild man. Woman, this is a woman. The world so many men, you do not look, you have to find him. He is who, from the beginning into the unit, he is my Valet ah, if it is in the old society, this is the guy, entourage, mabian. This hook"相关的主题文章: