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The Chinese Academy of Sciences for young scholars to pave the way for the innovation and development of overseas science and technology — September 7 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Zhuqing) 127 hundred talents program "candidates" and young people plan winners, as well as from the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan and other countries more than 100 overseas outstanding young scholars the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the review experts overseas representatives recently gathered in Beijing, by participating in the Chinese Academy of Sciences fourteenth "hundred programs" in the NIS seminar cum love "into the Chinese academy? Overseas talent" activities, the latest domestic scientific research field. Liu Weiping, vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy secretary of the party in the seminar opening speech said that this year is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the state issued a series of strategy, planning and policy, the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the central "on deepening talent development system reform opinions" of the introduction, the technological innovation and personnel work in a more prominent position, placed higher expectations, but also brought hitherto unknown opportunities to stimulate innovation and vitality to carry out scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technical personnel. The CAS has also issued "on accelerating the transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation guidance" in the new period, and to study the development of talent development "on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms, accelerate the construction of a national innovation talent highland opinions", clearly put forward according to the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward "to speed up the construction of a globally competitive talent system, and together with the world of excellence", take the initiative to reform hospital personnel management policies, make full innovation talents. Return to the time of innovation and development." Liu Weiping encouraged just come back from overseas you selected, seize the rare opportunities for development, efforts to study, and continuously made new achievements, but still encourage overseas study or work of scientists, through various forms of service, welcome back to work in their final choice, really make innovation and creativity, and air plant. According to reports, "into the China academy? Overseas talent" activities as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the overseas talents exchange and two-way platform of choice, to establish direct contact with overseas talent mechanism, timely publicity related information of important scientific and technological achievements, development trend and important personnel policy and personnel needs to overseas talent. From the beginning of 2011, the Chinese Academy of Sciences every year by foreign embassies and consulates and hospital units are recommended to invite famous overseas universities and scientific research institutions to study or work for outstanding young scholars related to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute to visit the exchange. This year the selection of more than 140 funded, there are 85 participants in the focus of activities. At the forum, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to young scholars abroad are introduced in detail. The development of science and technology innovation, and talent team construction, training and introduction of system engineering and the main overseas cited only plan, and invited the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of science and technology, fund commission and other ministries and experts to teach students, introduce the new technology, personnel policy and related reform initiatives. The participants have expressed the hope that overseas young people can find common ground through the event, and through access to relevant research institutes to establish a cooperative relationship, to carry out substantive in-depth exchanges and cooperation research. Some young scholars相关的主题文章: