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Class class baby sit, how to improve children’s attention? Sohu recently YY rabbit maternal members of parents ask: the child is now a large class class is always fidgeting focus range home to write trace is as long as adults in the side sit and watch half an hour to write three words! Is this child should be how to guide? How to improve the child’s attention? YY rabbit teacher said: parenting advice: when the child’s interest in certain things, the things will show a longer attention. If this thing is not like the child, the child will not be too long to stay focused. In addition to the focus of attention, usually pay attention to cultivate children’s self-control. Methods: 1, communicate with the teacher, ask questions in class, let the child know that the teacher is concerned about their own, so as to restrain themselves. 2, usually reduce contact with electronic products, including iPad, animation, video games, etc.. All of this will undermine the child’s concentration in the classroom. 3, take the way the game: usually play games, backgammon, Domino building or other board games, to cultivate children’s reading habits, listen to light music, drawing and so much. 4, the normal view of the child’s problems, the status quo to accept children; look at the advantages of children, with a positive approach to education, encourage more praise, I hope the child how to say that the child has been. For example: the baby, the teacher and mother praised you, you can listen to 5 minutes of class in class, my mother is really happy for you. Don’t cause criticism over nagging, give the child pressure. If the baby in the mother with the baby in the process, there are problems in other aspects of it, can visit the official website consultation yy yy rabbit, rabbit parenting Division will be based on the specific circumstances of the child to give you advice. More early childhood programs, may be concerned about the administrative micro-blog YY rabbit: public account [waiwaituzj]相关的主题文章: