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Coincides with the end of Friday 4, the 9 limit line double the cost of the month of the most blocking day – intern reporter Wang Tianqi this weekend ushered in the double 11, but also will usher in the most blocking day of the month. Prediction of Municipal Traffic Management Bureau: "double 11" or this month to travel the maximum pressure, the number of all day long road congestion is expected to be most affected by this month, shopping and other factors, the values will occur around the vehicle queuing phenomenon zaduier. According to the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau statistics show that in October working day during the peak period of road traffic pressure in September this year has been more than 10 months ago, has become the most congested one month. In October September, nearly 5% over congested road according to the traffic control department and high moral map statistics show that in October this year, during the peak period of work on congested road over the number of "most blocking September rose nearly 5%. Mainly related to rainfall, haze, Friday 4, 9 limit line and other factors such as large-scale activities. Among them, the weather and 4, 9 limit for the maximum effect of superposition, congestion for example, 4, 9 and October 14th due to haze and rain because of the limit line, October 21st 4, 9 limit line, causing the road vehicle queuing situation greatly increased. In addition, in October 21st, as well as the performance of the music center as the center of the ecological activity of the road also has a significant role in increasing pressure. Rainfall, performances and 4, the impact of the 9 limit line in October 21st to become the year’s most stressful road traffic day. The double 11 day trip maximum pressure into November, as the weather gradually cold, inclement weather frequently, the traffic control department is expected to use private cars will significantly increase the rate of. Coupled with the impact of "double 11" focus on shopping, large-scale performances and various sports competitions and other factors, in November the city’s road travel situation is still not optimistic, the peak time of the road trip will continue to rise even pressure. "Double 11" this year coincides with Friday, is 4, 9 limit line, this section of the vehicle other than work on the limit line of the vehicle is less about 30 million vehicles, so the road congestion is more serious. According to the traffic control department is expected to, "double 11" on the same day the number will reach all day long road congestion on the highest, from 6 in the morning to the evening of 22, the city’s main road traffic pressure will be maintained at a high level, the evening peak congestion time was significantly prolonged. In addition, the double 11 after the logistics delivery pressure will lead to increased traffic flow, so the double 11 on the impact of road traffic will continue for a long time. Recommendations for the general public, the best time to go out ahead of schedule and route, subway and public transport will be the best way to travel. The district surrounding the vehicle zaduier line "double 11" approach, not only the online shopping surge, many line shopping malls have launched various promotional activities, will lead to major shopping district around the possible vehicle zaduier queuing phenomenon. The traffic control department suggested that the double 11 day, congestion district shopping brings will be concentrated in the ring and the city east, northeast and southeast. Xidan, Wangfujing, Xinjiekou, Chongwenmen and Houhai regions GUI street, is expected to become more serious in vehicles queuing area; Northeast, heading, Sanlitun, blue.相关的主题文章: