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Cole worried about the new season rim protection warriors fear experience pains – Sohu   sports defense change; Beijing time on September 9th, "CSN bay" reports, the Jinzhou warriors four giants, the strength of the new season seems to increase, however, the warriors coach Stephen Cole has revealed that the new season’s biggest concern is defense, losing Andrew Bogut after Cole worried about the lack of protection of the basket. "Things are different is that we lack the protection of the basket." Cole told reporters: "we have great players before the protective frame, such as Andrew Bogut, Griffith Tucci – Aizeli, these players are left, Ariza – Pachulia is a very good defensive player, but he is more of a regional position defensive player, but not a very good blocks." Bogut and Ezeli last season, most of the time sharing center warriors playing time in their playing time performance is very efficient, but the warriors Max signed Kevin Durant, there is no space to keep Bogut and Ezeli, Spec, Ezeli and the Portland Trail Blazers signed, Spec signed with the Losangeles clippers, Bogut was traded to the the Dallas mavericks. Bogut career averaging 1.6 blocks, Aizeli career averaging 1 blocks. The ability to support frame last season Bogut and Spec, Aizeli combination in the forefront of the coalition, Bogut support frame each hit rate of 42.5%, Spec was 48.9%, Aizeli 43.6% Pachulia data for 52.9%, 56.1% to 48% West Varejao. Two inside the warriors signed the not good cap players Pachulia occupation career averages of 0.3 blocks, David West occupation career averaging 0.8 rebounds, the warriors fear to rethink the game plan. "We definitely need to make adjustments, including the game plan. We’re going to have a lot of pain, especially in defense, and we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly." Cole said. The warriors are excellent defensive players, such as Andre Iguodala, Thompson Kevin, Craig – Durant and Drummond – Green. Cole said that Durant would sometimes play power forward, can look forward to the warriors defense, the warriors in the past three seasons in the league in defensive efficiency are the top five, the new season’s protection to the basket will be a challenge. (CHE)相关的主题文章: