College students are not required to be challenged to practice as cheap

College students were asked to practice class not being questioned as cheap labor in the original title: do not distort cognition practice according to reports, this year autumn begins in less than a month, the million tuition and accommodation fee in Xi’an city construction Career Academy sophomore, professional courses are not on, received notice of the school: to go to practice electronics factory in Jiangsu. Students questioned, this is the students as cheap labor, the school wants to profit from it. School staff said, so that sophomore students to different units in the field, not internships, but a cognitive practice, is a new reform of the teaching system. In September 18th, "China Daily", "Xi’an urban construction, Career Academy, said the" cognitive practice ", more accurately, should be" understanding practice". The Ministry of education "in deepening the teaching reform of occupation education, improve the quality of personnel training comprehensive opinions" (the faculty into 2015 No. 6) proposed: "to effectively carry out the practice of teaching", "actively promote the understanding of practice, with post internship, internships and other various forms of practice, strengthen the training evaluation in education as the goal". The occupation education, students will practice the past single internship to increase awareness training, with post internship form, is really "a new teaching reform". However, the understanding of the meaning of practice is not the interpretation of the institute. In April this year, the Ministry of education, Ministry of finance, Ministry of human resources and social security, safety supervision and administration Chinese CIRC jointly issued the "student occupation school management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") made a clear definition of "practice", "practice refers to the students by the occupation school organization to the practice unit visit, observe and experience, formed a preliminary understanding of the practice unit and related activities." And regulations, internship positions should meet the requirements of professional training objectives, and students learn professional counterparts or similar." It can be seen that the way of cognitive practice is to visit, observe and experience, the purpose is to initially understand the professional and professional positions, time is generally about a week. Practice and cognition with the post internship and internship is different, it is the primary form of practice with post internship and post. With post internship work emphasized in the master under the guidance of "do not have the ability to operate independently, can not fully meet the requirements of the internship students from occupation school organization to the corresponding post internship units, under the guidance of the professional activities involved in actual auxiliary work, post practice students work independently, which initially have ability to work independently of the students to practice jobs, internships, independent participation in the actual work". The control of "Regulations", Xi’an city construction of Career Academy sophomore students to arrange internships in the electronics factory, "a professional course did not arrange sophomore to the factory practice", and "whether the student is a student of education or high-speed professional flight attendants, all requirements to electronic factory practice" and "practice time 3 months, apparently not to distort the cognitive practice, cognition practice. At present, some schools take occupation cognition practice as a student working shield, is essentially a school of thought is a problem. As the students questioned, the school talent training相关的主题文章: