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Computer radiation harm big   5 kinds of food to help you prevent it – People’s Hainan window – people eat what radiation? This is a big problem for many office workers, the need to have a correct diet can be done, especially for office workers. So, what to eat radiation? What to eat to prevent computer radiation workers 1, mung bean — help to excrete poison folk known as "bean soup of 100 poison". Modern medical research has proved that mung bean contains the body to help excrete toxins, accelerate the metabolism of substances, can effectively resist all kinds of pollution, including electromagnetic pollution. 2, black fungus — the stomach, intestines, radiation proof polyester glial black fungus in the dust and residue in the human digestive system of impurities and radioactive substances adsorption, concentration of excreted, thus play a role in the stomach, intestine, radiation proof polyester. The biggest advantage is that black fungus can help the discharge of cellulosic material, so that these harmful fibers in the body is difficult to stand. 3, kelp — has anti radiation effect of kelp radioactive material is a "Nemesis", containing a substance known as glial kelp, can promote the invasion of the body of radioactive substances discharged from the intestinal tract. The latest study found that seaweed extract can reduce the body’s immune function, isotope and radiation damage, and restrain the apoptosis of immune cells, which play the role of anti radiation. 4, tomatoes — reduce the radiation injury of skin, and can whitening scientific survey found that long-term regular consumption of tomatoes and tomato products, radiation damage is lighter, the mortality rate caused by radiation is low. The results showed that the content of lycopene in irradiated skin was reduced by 31%-46%, and the content of other components was almost unchanged. 5, green vegetables — clean fresh vegetables toxin is the body’s "cleaner", the secret lies in vegetables has a "secret weapon" — the basic ingredients can make the blood alkaline, dissolution and precipitation in the cells of toxins, so with urine excretion. 1 ways to prevent computer radiation, improve the working environment, purify the computer next to the debris. 2, work for a period of time to rest, it is best to find a spacious area of a mood. 3, in the computer can be placed next to the point of green plants, so that can ease the mood. 4, drink plenty of water, eat more contain vitamin A, C and protein rich foods. 5, the Internet before isolation can use some good skin care, skin care anti radiation, can effectively prevent the pollution of the environment and radiation damage; followed by computer use, the face will be a lot of electromagnetic radiation absorption of particles, must be promptly wash with water, so that the radiation reduced more than 70%! 6, during the work, the prevention measures should be strengthened, to pregnant women wearing a small forest radiation shielding clothes, blankets, wearing glasses and shielding cap barrier, reduce field sojourn time, to prevent damage to the eyes of microwave radiation. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: