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Cook made no iPhone, but these five things he than Jobs do well [editor’s note] the United States Tencent technology news website Market Watch recently wrote an article on the apple CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) took five years to do five things successful. The following is the main content of the article. Five years ago, when Tim · Cook from Apple founder · (Steve) in the hands of the apple CEO took place in the face of many challenges, Jobs. He had to undergo a rigorous review. The focus of this review is to see how he is in opposition to Jobs. Jobs’s legacy in iPhone today is still the company’s best-selling product. Since Cook took over the position of apple CEO in August 2011, Apple’s share price doubled, the company’s market capitalization exceeded MOBIL (EXXON), the United States has become the most valuable listed companies. Some analysts say Cook’s merits does not depend on the self Apple Corp after the death of Jobs what happened, but depends on him in five years to do what is faced with the challenges of whether the Apple Corp still maintain the vitality. When Cook took office, Apple’s challenges include the slow growth of the smartphone market, the emergence of low-end competitors in emerging markets, these challenges hinder the pace of Apple’s global expansion. Apple generally do not comment on future products. But Cook recently said that Apple’s investment in augmented reality, he believes that this area has a huge business opportunities. Meanwhile, there are reports that apple is secretly developing smart cars, but the news has not been confirmed. Now, we look back on the five things Cook has done so far: $1, cash back to shareholders, Mr ·, and Mr Jobs, who doesn’t like the return on capital, Mr. But since 2012, Apple has repurchased approximately 127 billion shares, and issued a dividend of $44 billion 800 million. In April this year, Apple’s board of directors to repurchase shares from $140 billion to $175 billion increase, so that the total size of the repurchase reached $250 billion. Apple’s board of directors also raised the company’s dividend to 57 cents per share, up to $10%. Apple’s return on capital increase, radical investor Carle · (Carl Icahn); Icahn has great effect to the. In 2013, Apple launched Icahn called on the $150 billion repurchase program. Previously, he has more than $2 billion profit through apple stock. Earlier this year, Icahn said Cook "well done", even if he has Chinese because of concerns about slowing economic growth will affect the growth performance of Apple sold all the shares of apple. Apple Corp stock price and the S & P 500 index compared to the re opening of the stylus in 2015, Cook Pro for enterprise class iPad with the Apple Pencil stylus. Jobs has been firmly opposed to touch pen, that it is a failure of things. Who wants a pen? Bah, who did not want to pen." Jobs in 2007 of Ma!相关的主题文章: