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Counterfeit chain exposure: small flying day to sell millions of counterfeit courier broke accidentally discovered parcels are all equipped with 20 yuan of the money, and knew where he frequently mailed money, after adding a sale of counterfeit QQ QQ group members covering almost all over the country, are using the "code word" share when the counterfeit sale price tag group, sometimes one day sold about one million counterfeit "money laundering" Crazy "money laundering" objects are generally roadside shops, stalls and markets. Because the victim where most of them will choose to swallow, generally will not alarm the undercover reporter in May 25th this year, morning, reporters in the small head of group to remit 500 yuan. The next afternoon, the reporter received a parcel from Anhui, open the packaging, there is a two stack of bills, all 20 yuan counterfeit new street test in the supermarket shopping, gave 150 yuan, including 10 yuan and 20 yuan two counterfeit. The boss looked at the denomination of 100 yuan, that is real money, just to mix with counterfeit loose change in the register in China for manufacturing counterfeit punishment is very strict, if the circumstances are especially serious, 10 years imprisonment, life imprisonment or death, and a 50 thousand yuan to 500 thousand Yuan fines or confiscation of property! Just use a computer and a printer can print counterfeit Gang millions of counterfeit money! For months, a Henan media reporter undercover counterfeit counterfeit Gang, a true record of the whole process of manufacturing, made important evidence! A huge counterfeit Gang on our side, they produce counterfeit money get in by every opening…… The reporter undercover investigation counterfeit gang will have at the same time, these clues reflect to the public security organs, public security in the country and more joint action, a fight against counterfeit crime operations immediately. In May 18th this year, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau police investigation found manufacturing counterfeit dens. At the same time in Shandong, the Yantai police also seized a printing counterfeit dens located in the suburbs of Yantai. When the police opened the door when making counterfeit dens, 20 printers, print still kept the house floor, corner, there are 20 yuan counterfeit money printed. Driven by the interests of counterfeit traffickers to the public security organs have been in the rush into danger, severe blow. The reporter found in the survey, these counterfeit gang was so crazy, there is another key "accomplice" — express, using their own nationwide logistics network, inadvertently for the circulation of counterfeit money green light. The courier that broke the news to the media inadvertently send counterfeit Henan Shangqiu people Mr. Cao runs a private clinic, from the beginning of this year, he found the drug money received in the emergence of counterfeit money, sometimes even received 5 yuan face value of counterfeit money. In addition to Mr. Cao, Henan many local people to reflect the media, in their own small shops, a small booth received counterfeit money. Why are there so many small money? When we are very much puzzled, a Mr. Zhou called the hotline said that he knew there was darkness. Mr. Zhou is a courier. Two years ago, he stumbled upon a 6相关的主题文章: