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Daughter owes 700 thousand debt will not say why, parents want to sell for his debt, recently, the public Mr. Huang is very worried. Somehow, the 24 year old daughter suddenly fell into debt, and even wanted to commit suicide. In order to pay for his daughter’s debts, Mr. Huang is going to sell his house which he has struggled for most of his life, but the money is still not enough. Mr. Huang and his wife do some small business, it is difficult to save some savings, the year before last, the couple bought a house in Caidian, the daughter also rented the facade in the vicinity of shopping malls, start the clothing business. I thought the good day just started, but a few days ago a telephone, Mr. Huang into endless pain. The phone was from a friend who said that Mr. Huang had borrowed money everywhere and asked what was going on. In a moment, Mr. Huang felt that the sky was falling. He found his daughter and asked again and again that he had been borrowing money from banks, relatives and friends and private lending agencies since last July and August. No matter how the husband and wife ask Huang, her daughter did not say why borrow money, how much borrowed?. Mr. Huang had to leave a phone call at his clothing store and at home, waiting for his creditors to contact him. For a week, according to the call, Huang statistics total debt has been as high as nearly 700 thousand yuan. In his eyes, the only daughter, independent self-improvement, after graduating from college, has been doing odd jobs around, and later funded by relatives and friends, opened the clothing store. Where did the money go? The daughter refused to say, neither did the husband and wife. Mr. Huang said, now, daughter of emotional instability, many want to commit suicide, they can only be closely watching her child at home, business can do. He wanted to sell his house to pay his debts. The house in Caidian can be sold for 550 thousand yuan now. If you still get out of the loan, there are only 300 thousand yuan left, the amount is far from enough. Anyway, my daughter is still small, and I have to help her pass it." Mr. Huang said, eyes suffused with tears. Focus on the big Chu net official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting, useful information, as well as good manners send every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

女儿欠70万债务还不肯说原因 父母欲卖房为其还债近来,市民黄先生很烦恼。不知为何,24岁的女儿突然欠下大笔债务,甚至想轻生。为了替女儿还债,黄先生准备卖掉自己奋斗大半辈子才买下的房子,但钱仍不够。黄先生与妻子做点小本生意,好不容易攒了些积蓄,前年,夫妻俩在蔡甸买了套房子,女儿也在附近商场租下门面,做起服装生意。本以为好日子刚要开始,可前几天一个电话,将黄先生拉入无尽的痛苦之中。电话是一位朋友打来的,说黄先生女儿到处借钱,询问到底怎么回事。瞬间,黄先生觉得天都塌了。他找到女儿,再三追问才得知,她从去年七八月份开始,向银行、亲戚朋友和民间借贷机构借钱。可不管黄先生夫妻俩如何询问,女儿也没有说具体为何借钱,到底借了多少。黄先生只好在其服装店和家门口留下电话,等待债主主动联系。一个星期以来,根据来电,黄先生统计的欠债总额就已高达近70万元。在他眼里,这个唯一的女儿,是独立自强的孩子,大专毕业后,就一直四处打零工,后来在亲戚朋友的资助下才开起了服装店。这钱花哪去了?女儿不肯说,夫妻俩也不懂。黄先生说,如今,女儿情绪极不稳定,多次想轻生,他们只能寸步不离在家守着孩子,生意也做不了了。他想卖掉房子来还债,蔡甸的房子现在可以卖55万元,如果还掉贷款,只剩近30万元,金额远远不够。“不管怎样,女儿还小,我一定得帮她过了这一关。”黄先生说着,眼泛泪花。关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: