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Default supplier costs 50 million easy to wait for emergency financing easy to wait for financing emergency network about cars in like a raging fire, going crazy subsidies, but resigned arrears. In November 20th, the Beijing Daily reporter learned exclusively, the car is easy to have in customer service provider in Hebei Zhongrui Communication Technology Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hebei Zhongrui") costs amounted to about 2000000 yuan, a total of five or six similar suppliers are owed fees, as of September this year, the total cost of arrears amounted to 50 million yuan. Debt reached 50 million in March this year, to provide call center operations Hebei Zhongrui become easy to car partner for the enterprise, the sharp, as near the gold master. However, this is not the case. Hebei Zhongrui not only did not receive the expected profits, the car is easy to have the outstanding fees, even unable to pay wages. According to the Hebei sharp and easy to sign in the beginning of the cooperation contract, to provide customer service, the car is easy to be a monthly payment. But after signing the contract, Hebei has a total payment Zhongrui 4 million yuan, still owed 2 million yuan. Only provide customer service suppliers, was easy to car loan default is not a sharp Hebei. Easy to car development at the best time, up to 1500 people online to provide customer service, involving suppliers up to five or six. As of September this year, the car is easy to owe us the total cost of these suppliers amounted to 50 million yuan, of which some enterprises are owed nearly ten million in arrears." Hebei Zhongrui Chen Chang responsible person complained. Do not pay the phenomenon of customer service contractors, the reason is due to the lack of easy to car financing has not yet arrived." In the face of the payment of arrears, the relevant person in charge of the car is not easy to Yang Zhao, Beijing Business Daily reporter denied, but for the specific amount of arrears, said Yang Zhao can not accurately inform. "The end of the month may have the arrival of funds, will be returned to the customer service contractor arrears." For Yang Zhao’s promise, Chen Chang do not buy it. "They said in June that they would pay off the debt, but it hasn’t been there yet." Chen Chang bluntly, the beginning of cooperation when payment will be delayed for about a month, but from the beginning of June to now have owed 2 million 400 thousand yuan, currently only 400 thousand yuan settlement, and the deduction of more than 20 yuan. However, easy to vehicles in November 20th to the Beijing Daily reporter said in response, easy to have the termination of cooperation with Hebei Zhongrui in August this year, because if it is unresolved, so some residual payment is not settled. Subsidies to reduce the plight of the car is easy to find a dispute with the supplier is easy to operate in one side. Engaged in a network of about car service master Li said that at present, he received the order to the car is still relatively little bit less, a little bit more difficult to easily receive a single. And another master Wang said that his friend was originally easy to use to pick up, but now do not run around the car network. In terms of passenger experience, but also useful to consumers that it is difficult to about the car. It is not difficult to find, easy to have been caught up in a cycle, due to easy to passengers can not find the car easily, choose other brands or other Fang Shixing相关的主题文章: