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.puters-and-Technology According to a recent report posted on MacRumors.., Overall, the worldwide tablet market has grown 11 percent year-over-year, with total tablet shipments of 49.3 million, up from 44.4 million in 2013. So no wonder a constant increase is being noted in the number of .panies developing apps by targeting some of the hugely popular iOS and Android tablets. As a high level and dynamic programming language, Python enables developers to express concepts without writing longer lines of code. Further, Python is supported by the convenient programming environments for both iOS and Android tablets. The programmers also have option to use several Python editors to write programs on their lightweight tablets from almost anywhere. Some Widely Used Python Editors for Tablets Pythonista: The integrated development environment (IDE) .es with the features required by programmers to write Python script on iOS. In addition to allowing developers to access the iOS clipboard and photo library, Pythonista further enables them to make the prototypes more interactive by using sound, animation and voice touch. At the same time, the developers can also access a text editor with features like code .pletion, syntax highlighting and an extended keyboard to facilitate Python coding. Also, the integrated UI Editor allows developers to create user interfaces for their scripts without writing any code. CodeToGo: CodeToGo enables programmers to write and run code in a variety of programming languages including Python. Along with saving the code automatically, CodeToGo further allows programmers to load files from Dropbox and transfer the files from .puter. It even adds an extra row of .monly used keys to the keyboard to facilitate code writing. The web developers also have option to render the code output as HTML. So they can easily view the code in HTML simply by clicking on the Render as HTML" button after running the program. Gusto: Code Editor and FTP Client: Many developers rely on Gusto to manage and edit websites directly from their websites. Gusto identifies the project and generates thumbnails for the website. So it be.es easier for web developers to download multiple files and folders from their FTP server. After editing a document, they can check the updates by previewing the document locally. They can further transfer and publish the updated files through the built-in FTP/SFTP client. However, at present Gusto is not .patible with iOS 7. Qpython: Python for Android: As a script engine, QPython makes it easier for programmers to run Python scripts on Android devices. Along with a development kit to develop Python projects, it also .es with Python interpreter, console and editor. At the same time, the developers can also use the L4A Library for Android to access the devices network, GPS and Bluetooth. As QPython also supports Web App programming, the programmers can create mobile apps rapidly by using web development frameworks. 920 Text Editor: The powerful text editor makes it easier for developers to view and edit their code directly from the Android device. Also, the programmers have option to use the text editor as an eBook reader to open txt novel. It allows users to open and edit multiple files at a time by opening them in different tabs. Also, the programmers can avail features like syntax highlighting, show line number and show blank characters. In addition to detecting the current file encoding, the application further allows programmers to change the current file encoding. Touchqode: The mobile code editor supports several programming languages including Python. It also .es with some of the features offered by desktop IDEs including auto-.pletion of code and syntax highlighting. The programmers can further use Touchqode as a text editor, HTML editor or notepad. The Pro version of Touchqode allows developers to avail a set of advanced features like file type recognition, bash support and special keys. On the whole, the programmers have option to choose from several Python editors for tablet development. So they can easily choose the right editor by .paring the features according to their specific needs. To get maximum benefits of Python development, you may consider hiring services of a custom Python development .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: