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"Director of" your name "to try to do the film director Tencent entertainment figure Makoto Shinkai (Wen Dong Qi) of new Haicheng’s new work" your name "released in August 26th to September 11th, the movie box office reached 6 billion 280 million yen (about 411 million yuan), to mobilize the audience of about 4 million 800 thousand people, the day before the director to accept it talking about this interview, behind the scenes for youth fantasy story, saying that it was a he was unrelenting work. "Before you name" story to a month in return once every thousand years of comets, lived in the countryside high school girl clover in one night dreamt that I became a boy, living in Tokyo, and the Tokyo high school students at the same time long dreamed of becoming the country girls, they met each other in a dream. "The director said:" I just want to do a simple movie, my theme is let in adolescence, and recall adolescent mood to communicate between people, in a 107 minute movie, even a minute not boring boring, want to let everyone enjoy." As the heroine of the film is dubbed Kamiki Ryunosuke and white stone beginning tone, said: "two of them" are great, white stone beginning tone is through the selection of decision, long voice is hard to choose, because as a man also said that women’s lines, very high requirements on acting, and finally we got there the neutral beauty of Kamiki Ryunosuke, he played three soft spoken sounds, long recovery when the identity of the sound is also very characteristic, switching nature." "The director’s work has always been known for emotional expression of the delicate and beautiful scenery, in 2011 he publicly about the underground world adventure movie" starstruck kids ", trying to change the style, but the evaluation is not high, he said:" this is a painful experience for me, I am making independent origin, did not follow the animation company learning experience, so only with their own feelings to work, but by 2007 "5 centimeters per second" feel to the limit, "Zhuixing children" I learned the story of the creation method, also added some new elements, but still some bad. 2013 "leaf" is Zhiting cautious, time compression in 46 minutes, let me a lot of confidence, this project was started in July 2014." Although the pursuit of a huge expansion of the story, but the script is still a month to write out the final movie story and the first draft had little difference, with all the elements so far works Makoto Shinkai’s works, but play some characters with different styles, "said:" I hope that some do not know the name of the cat people can also watch movies, so I do not consider whether before used similar techniques to my best of all play out." In addition, the film called Makoto Shinkai most people are touched by the clover and long runs for each scene, the heart is the heart is long and long leaf clover, just run on the show two personal feelings. It said that in the future will make this type of work in the film industry, to find their own position, complete their own mission. Tencent news mobile client new movie channel, bringing together global film information, good!相关的主题文章: