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Travel-and-Leisure Puerto Rico Vacations Getting Around Flying is the best way to get to Puerto Rico and when you are already in the island and there are many modes of transportation for you to choose to explore this wonderful place. Transportation for Puerto Rico vacations can suit any travelers budget and preference; whether you want a luxurious transportation or an affordable one. Those who want total .fort and convenience as they explore Puerto Rico and have spare money to spend can rent a car, hire a taxi or even charter a private limousine. Taxis can have flat or metered rates depending on how you negotiate with the driver. On the other hand, those who want to save on transportation or on an adventure to socialize and discover the island of their own can use the public transport. Aside from mini-vans and buses, Puerto Rico has its urban train system or Tren Urban that tourist can take from San Juan to the other districts of the island. Lastly, you can also ride a ferry if you wish to visit the other smaller islands of Puerto Rico. Quick Facts for Your Puerto Rico Vacations If you are planning to visit the paradise island of Puerto Rico, then you must gather some important facts and information particularly those related to visiting the island. First, English is widely spoken throughout the islands which make this place very convenient for those English speaking visitors. Aside from language, you can use your US dollar in paying for any goods or services you use while in Puerto Rico. Likewise, as a US territory, citizens of the United States dont have to apply for a visa or use their passport when visiting Puerto Rico. In terms of weather, this paradise is mostly sunny throughout the year; check for the months when there are some hurricanes .ing to Puerto Rico before you travel. On the other hand, the quickest way to get to the island is flying directly to its international airport which is just a few miles from San Juan. Puerto Rico is also very near to many US cities like Miami which is only 2. 5 hours by plane. Lastly, you can get around Puerto Rico on a rented car, taxis, ferries, bicycles and public transport like mini-vans and buses. Spend Your Family Vacation in Puerto Rico Are you planning to leave town and spend some quality time with your kids?Then visit the enchanting island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is very attractive to families as this island has the best beaches, sunny weather and plenty of interesting landmarks and sights. Whether you are traveling with younger children or teenagers, this island can guarantee that the whole family will have a wonderful time. There are many hotels in Puerto Rico that families can choose to stay which are close to the beach or have pools for different ages. There are many kid-friendly ac.modations in Puerto Rico specifically in the capital city that have amenities and services exclusively for guests with children. Activities like snorkeling, sightseeing, fishing and hiking are great and fun for older kids to enjoy their time in Puerto Rico. To sum it all, Puerto Rico is definitely the place to go to have quality time with your whole family. Tying the Knot in Puerto Rico More and more couples chose to exchange vows in other venues aside from the traditional church like beaches to make it more romantic, unique and unforgettable. And you dont have to look further to find the perfect wedding destination since you can experience the most romantic wedding in the Caribbean specifically in the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. With this, Puerto Rico vacations are no longer limited to beach activities, golf, casinos and spas but also as a wedding destination. With its perfect weather, white-sand beaches, world-class hotels and romantic sceneries what more can you ask for?Looking for the best wedding package is also easy since there are many resorts that offer these packages as well as those found in the internet. Book a wedding package in Puerto Rico that can basically cover the venue, reception and ac.modation to ease the burden of planning the perfect and the most romantic beach wedding that everyone will be envious of. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: