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Do not believe the limit? Chinese international automobile intelligent manufacturing development seminar Chinese car from the "doomsday is approaching" also far at the end of the day before, Wuhan University of Technology College of automotive engineering vice president Zhang Guofang in the analysis of capacity of car market in China where, given a 35 million car number. He believes that China’s auto industry has completed the last round of capacity expansion layout, with the accelerated market competition, the development of inflection point approaching. "Do not rule out some of the city center China thousands of automobiles can reach the European level, but considering the Chinese conditions especially population distribution and land utilization, the overall ownership level could not catch up with the United States, South Korea is close to reality." Zhang Guofang estimates that the current Chinese car ownership of more than 170 million vehicles, according to the number of thousands of people in accordance with the amount of about 300, the limit of the number of Chinese car ownership and vertex is 4-5. At present, China’s automobile market capacity in about 20000000, and Professor Zhang predicted data there are still gaps between the about 10000000. It’s hard to imagine a 10 million increase, and the market will develop into a form. But one thing is certain, with the Chinese car market into the micro growth phase. 350 million may mean more than 10 years and longer. How to play Chinese manufacturing Automobile Industry Deputy Secretary General of China Association of automobile manufacturers an important role in the "2025" Dong Yang (click to view the latest figures on Chinese News) car market still maintained an optimistic attitude. Although the pace of development is relatively slow last year, down to about 4%. But the future is bound to rebound, he expects 2016 car market growth will be more than 6%. And Dong Yang recently held in the automotive industry forum, Tsinghua University, proposed that China’s auto industry to play an important role in the manufacture of 2025 in china. The next five years, China’s auto industry is certainly the fastest growing period of innovation. Because in the "13th Five-Year" period, spend money on innovation certainly greater than in the past." Dong Yang said, we increase the output value, the enterprises pay more attention to increase the proportion of investment. It ‘Chinese manufacturing 2025’, I think you should do well the automobile industry, the protagonist. If the German industry is said to be 4, then I think China’s industry in the automotive industry is 3. In the German industry 4, the automotive industry is the main pillar of technology, should also be in china." Turning to the future development of the automotive industry, Dong Yang said, should not be too fast, not too fast." Sales growth and GDP growth should be comparable, while sales, growth, the growth of the relevant tax should be higher than the average growth rate of the industry. The author believes that the current car market is in the inflection point of the times. Traditional car prices, especially the independent brand car enterprises want to lead the Chinese made 2025, must start from their own, the development trend of the times. In the Internet repairer momentum, traditional car prices don’t mess up. Whether it is car networking, or automatic driving in the car intelligent process cannot do without the support of the wireless communication network of automobile, operators occupy an absolute advantage in the wireless communication network, it is no doubt. In other words, whether it is Chinese car prices, or international car prices, need to use the advantages of operators to develop their own.相关的主题文章: