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Do not buy iPhone7 installment fee? What is the bank drawing? See understand and then pay! Sohu financial management in recent days, circle of friends began to have someone drying out his hand just the first 7". Our old friend next Pharaoh, although not a fruit powder, but also a little tempted after seeing the real machine, coupled with the old mobile phone battery more and more recently they suck, began wondering would you like to chase fashion. Lao Wang is a live person, he found that many banks in the sale of iPhone7, has simultaneously launched a credit card installment purchase activities — 3 period, 6 period, 12 stage, 0 interest, 0 fee, 0. Before asking for money, ask someone who is always right, don’t fall for it! Advertising seem worthwhile, but Wang did not understand that the bank will also engage in enterprises, it followed 0 0 interest fee lively, it really is in peibenzhuanyaohe?! There are unknown secret profits? When small when learning bank credit card business, when the product manager in training, for credit card issuers, if issuers amounted to less than 5 million, basically is not the real profit. So, with the sale of bundled iPhone7 installment business, the bank in the end earned what? First, credit card purchase, the bank will receive a transaction fee. In other words, you brush who’s card, the card issuing bank will receive a fee ranging from App Store 0.5%-1%. This is what you buy things in small businesses, the owner wants you to pay cash, rather than the same card. Because the credit card, bank provides services to you, will naturally have bank settlement costs, and this cost, there is a need to store in small businesses to bear. On the other hand, if a bank provides iPhone7 installment purchase, naturally in your mobile phone transaction price, earn this 0.5%-1%. However, this is just like apple industry practice, sought after by businesses, banks are to take the initiative to come to cooperate with "hot rub", so this part of the fee income, may not reach the industry standard. But even though this part of the price tag fee to make, in your choice of the 3 stage or 12 stage, you use this credit card on the viscosity of at least get promotion. This point is very important. In the past, the line through a small gift or a small cash back to form, hope to promote the credit card, in order to achieve profitability. However, the cardholder is also full of intelligence, a lot of people to fill out the application form to get gifts, upon receipt of a credit card do card issuers have white hair action, so this card. Even if some cardholders temporarily opened this card, a small card for consumption after the ceremony, over a period of time will be in the hands of the credit card, began to sell out the common card screening. The Bank launched iPhone7 installment purchase, with interest free installments, can not only attract cardholders to use the card, but also to ensure that the 3-12 in the future period of repayment period, he even sell out all his cards, there will also be a. And if he uses this credit card every month"相关的主题文章: