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Do you believe it or not? Lin Chiling Jerry Yan was never broke up! Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan had a situation according to Taiwan media reports, 41 year old Lin Chiling and 39 year old Jerry Yan had a period of love, the feelings of the world in 2 so that the outside world name or are often linked together, after all, love 14 years, there are still many fans hope the 2 composite. Oprah Xu Shengmei 6, in an interview, Lin Chiling was asked whether Jerry Yan could "again," she said "talk after all 2 people will never be apart." Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan recently exposed a pro, shares the same agent, people can not help to link work, feeling whether there will be more contact. Oprah Xu Shengmei 6, appeared in a live event, say "I believe 2 people did not break," said Lin Chiling, Jerry Yan feeling fades, because the two sides and different views on the future career planning. Xu Shengmei analysis, although the "fall horse event" let Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan feelings back to temperature, but with the cause of busy and light, said the 2 love always off, said Lin Chiling, to the development of the past few years, Jerry Yan and other feelings is to enter the "ice period". Finally, Xu Shengmei was asked by Lin Chiling Jerry Yan, is it possible to "again," she said although the probability is not very high, but then talk said "but because two people never leave, so there may be a catalyst to let two people suddenly flash marriage, which is a mystery." Two people repeatedly transferred compound: April 1, 2016: Lin Chiling admitted 15 years ago called for a wife called his wife Aarif Lee, Lin Chiling had revealed a wife called 15 years ago, and she and Jerry Yan in 2002 exposed the accidental coincidence between love, time triggered unlimited lenovo. Jerry Yan in 2001 to "meteor garden" became popular, the following year he was photographed dating Lin Chiling movies, until 2005 two private photo was leaked, it triggered concern, the same year he broke the news pointed out that they have been dating for 3 years, now talk about the feelings of the subject, Lin Chiling loose mouth revealed 15 years ago called wife. Also let people have infinite lenovo. March 16, 2016: Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan traced home interior as Lin Chiling recently filmed a variety of "in the mood" sister in his second season, finishing luggage picture exposure. "Conan" with her friends as investigators found her home, placed 1 Xianggui a small table, spread and Jerry Yan nephew Facebook in the small table in the room looks a kind of style, and the walls are in the same style. Lin Chiling home interior interior Jerry Yan home but then, Jerry Yan through a broker Zheng Shumei responded: "you think too much! Thank you for your concern!" December 14, 2015: Lin Chiling publicly said they did not resist compound previously, Lin Chiling in Shenzhen to attend the activities admitted in an interview, he did not pursue the current, but also acknowledged that contact with the old love Jerry Yan: "we would be concerned about." Asked whether the two will compound, Lin Chiling smiled and replied: "may want to ask him." The reporter asked: "fans want you to compound, you will resist?" Lin Chiling said: "do not resist." 2015.相关的主题文章: