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Do you know about the national martyrs day? – Military – People’s editor’s note: the memory is to awaken the memory, to commemorate the future is to create. August 31, 2014, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress voted on the adoption of the decision on the establishment of martyrs day, in the form of law will be established in September 30th as a martyr’s day on. In third a memorial day to the end, let us know about those things on the martyrs memorial. In order to pay tribute to the martyrs, look, noble, temper forward. In September 30, 2014, Xi Jinping attended the memorial to the people’s Heroes presented wreaths ceremony. Xinhua News Agency reporters Huang Jingwen and I, a martyr refers to what kind of people? In 1945, the party made seven martyrs memorial meeting held Chinese revolution decision, this is the first time in the history of the party clearly put forward the "martyrs" word. In June 1980, the State Council issued the "revolutionary martyrs regulations" article second scope of the revolutionary martyrs are more clearly defined: "the Chinese people and the people’s Liberation Army, the heroic sacrifice in the revolutionary struggle, to defend the motherland and socialist modernization career, called revolutionary martyrs." Third the provisions of the approved five case for the revolutionary martyrs: (a) to fight against the enemy to fight against the enemy wounded sacrifice or death due to injury; (two) to fight against the enemy into disability due to wound recurrence shortly after death; (three) in the frontline as a guide, build fortifications, rescue the wounded, the implementation of transport etc. the task force in the theater or sacrifice, guard target sacrifice; (four) due to the implementation of the revolutionary task by the enemy killed or captured by the enemy, the enemy was arrested after unyielding killed or tortured to death; (five) to protect or rescue people, people’s life and state property and collective property of heroic sacrifice. In July 2011, the State Council will be "revolutionary martyrs regulations" revised "Regulations" for the martyrs. The provisions of article eighth of the five kinds of situations can be assessed as martyrs: (a) in investigating the crimes, implementation of national security tasks, Anti Terror missions and respond to emergencies in sacrifice; (two) emergency rescue and disaster relief or other in order to rescue, protect state property, collective property, life and property of citizens sacrifice; (three) in the implementation of a diplomatic mission or sacrifice countries sending foreign aid, the maintenance of international peace mission; (four) died in the implementation of weapons and equipment research and test tasks; (five) at the expense of other circumstances particularly prominent, serves as an example. The Ordinance removed the "revolution" two words, the definition of the martyrs have also undergone great changes, no longer appear "enemy", "people" have been replaced by "citizen". In August 2011, the State Council and the Central Military Commission on August 2004 release of the "military widows Ordinance" amended the provisions of article eighth of the servicemen can be approved for six cases: (a) the martyrs of the fight against the enemy killed or wounded in the medical battle the enemy before the end of injury deaths; (two) due to the execution of tasks or killed by the enemy the criminals, or captured, arrested and unyielding enemy were killed or tortured to death; (three) for)相关的主题文章: