Dong Jianhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee the wisdom of the people of Hong Kong, H-9c8814

Dong Jianhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee: the wisdom of the people of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Independence no market – 11, CPPCC Vice Chairman Dong Jianhua attended the solidarity Hongkong foundation dinner for the next year". He said in his speech, the Hongkong Legislative Council sworn storm is the "one country two systems"; but in this event on Hongkong major issues issues of right and wrong, showing the national consciousness and patriotism "are not vague", "Hong Kong Independence" no market. Dong Jianhua said that the recent Hongkong Legislative Council Oath storm seven million people in Hong Kong feel indignant. Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee members elect Dong Jianhua: in a solemn oath to the Legislative Council openly insulted the Chinese people and advocating "Hong Kong Independence" event, this is not only a conflict with national security and territorial integrity of the impact of the "major issues issues of right and wrong, more basic, Hongkong and one country two systems" damage the interests of the general public. "One country two systems" and the "basic law" is the root of Hongkong foundation, any deviation of our damage is difficult to calculate. So I must tell Hongkong’s opposition parties and the public, we must seriously adhere to the people, do not let a handful of inciting the Hong Kong Independence of the destiny of the cause of any damage. Dong Jianhua said, in the Legislative Council sworn events, can see most of the people of Hongkong overwhelmingly abandoned the harm national dignity of the foolish behavior immediately chooses to return to Chinese national standard, all Hong Kong Independence there is no market. Therefore, he is full of confidence in the future of Hongkong, in Hongkong on the issue of major issues issues of right and wrong, people show the Chinese people’s wisdom and patriotism. Dong Jianhua said that the central government’s adherence to the "one country, two systems" determination, consistent. "One country, two systems" is the cornerstone of the development of Hongkong, as long as the cornerstone unchanged, Hongkong’s future is certainly bright. Dong Jianhua: interpretation does not affect the Hongkong Law Society of Hongkong Dong Jianhua also pointed out that a small number of people, including some of the legal profession that will affect the interpretation of judicial independence in Hongkong, he does not agree to this statement, because "the interpretation of law is a part of Hongkong’s legal system, in full compliance with the procedures". Dong Jianhua said that the oath of the storm and the so-called national self-determination remarks, damage the country, but also undermines the interests of Hongkong, the central government to make a clear explanation, strict norms, is a responsible approach. Dong Jianhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee: This is the only most appropriate way, all the chaos anyway, back on track. In fact, since it is a part of the legal system, the law of the people’s Congress, in accordance with the legal rules, in accordance with legal procedures and how to hinder the rule of law in Hongkong? If everyone in their own minds to evaluate a thing, to replace the most fundamental rule of law, this is really hinder the rule of law in Hongkong, I believe that the people of Hongkong is reasonable. Dong Jianhua said, "Hong Kong Independence" has been beyond the scope of Hongkong autonomy, endangering national unity, the NPC Standing Committee is a timely response to constitutional responsibility, in order to prevent another person damage the rule of law in Hongkong to fish in troubled water. Some people in the legal profession say that it is wrong for the people ‘s Congress to come to court and judge in Hongkong. The judge is not.相关的主题文章: