Don’t send me my jewels cat eye Manicure money on the line.-lata-01

Don’t send me my jewels "cat eye Manicure" money on the line lead: girls, clap for Barbara sister! Why? Not because I have to bring you a smug excuse Manicure cat! This is not about Manicure cool, but it really makes people live "attract"! You look down (source: bazaar) what is the cat’s eye Manicure? Is the cat eye stone and cat’s eye good fit! Please remember, a cat eye stone in bright light. Please enjoy, meow star people in the eyes of the deep color + gradient. The combination of Ba sister is brought to you today: a cat! The most special is present it in a different light that beauty is not the same, just like the cat’s eyes, gentle and mysterious! This cool Manicure you don’t want? Don’t worry, slowly pick ~ 11 a cat you choose any fancy which to which! KOMORI favorite fairy sister from light grey Barbara to feed you to Amway, the lake have a gray cat to impress you? With the same color of the blingbling accessories, high cold with a little cute. If you want something special, light coloured Manicure in a dark eye collocation a, feel like wearing a "cat eye gem" accessories, especially the suction eye oh! Gothic cool Girl pet! Black with silver "cat eyes", so full of "cat’s eye a subtly malicious" temperament, which cool girl wants to try? To the black, purple is full of sexy woman taste, Barbara sister feel want to transform the queen of the night girl do not miss yo! Deep green cat is a "extravagance pressing"! Personally tested, this color will appear particularly white hand, this little secret I just told you yo! Mix to play excellent to dream? In a cat’s eye with the stars elements, you will have in the "Star Universe" in feel. Want to character full? The two sister Barbara fancy a mix of cat’s eye, but also to your mind? If you feel cool enough, then this "qicaixuan" a cat, you dare to say that you are not satisfied?! Pick up style, Shouyang want to try? DIY’s a tutorial now! The nail to smear a layer of oil, with a black backing to better highlight the cat eye effect. Then choose some of your own nail polish color, respectively, in the middle and both sides of the nail. Then nail polish mixed together with Manicure fine pen, make the halo effect. Because of special nail polish eye Manicure contains iron powder, so we need to use nail polish in polymeric magnet will be powder together, to create a line of feeling. Then apply a layer of light oil, this unique cat Manicure completed! Learned? That is what day, go to be a cat a talk! GO Let’s!相关的主题文章: