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Drink bone soup calcium? That’s just a legend that eat what make up what many people believe, can drink soup bones calcium, this is actually a misunderstanding, because the bone calcium is very difficult to dissolve out, it is impossible to play the actual role of calcium. 37 year old Mr. Wang often drink bone soup, calcium did not do not know, but make up a pile of fat, fat people a lap. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Wang always sleep leg twitch, wife thinks he is a calcium deficiency, so you give him stew bone soup. Over the past six months, the number of seizures decreased, but not the role of bone soup, Mr. Wang did not know. However, he really fat 10 pounds. Many people think that the bone marrow contains calcium, teeth, bones can be used if the soup bones contain calcium boiled in the soup, the soup can achieve the effect of calcium. In fact, the bones are found in the form of calcium phosphate, it is difficult to dissolve in water, no matter how many bones soup or stew long time, can increase the amount of calcium bone soup. Unless the bones boil into bone residue, even the residue intake, but in fact, no one has been boiled soup bone bone residue. The study found that every 100 ml of bone soup contains only 2-5 mg of calcium, less than 120 of the total calcium content of milk (100 ml milk containing about 105 mg of calcium). Director of Hubei provincial MCH care physician Yang Qin introduction, 2 hours and 1 kilograms of meat bone soup, the amount of calcium in the soup is only about 20 mg, want to rely on bone soup calcium to drink a few pot caixing. Therefore, calcium bone soup with meat is far from satisfying the needs of the. In addition, a very high fat content in bone soup, the soup is also consumed the fat, drink too easily lead to fatty liver and obesity. So don’t rely on calcium bone soup. "Of course, bone soup contains some collagen, which can enhance the body’s ability to make blood cells." Experts say drinking bone soup can slow bone aging or help young people grow bones. If you want to, first of all should be considered as natural food such as milk obtained from calcium, rather than relying on calcium or other health care products. More exciting activities please pay attention to health information and health Chu [(dachujiankang)] WeChat public Tencent Chu WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei, covering news, marriage, real estate, Home Furnishing, health, fashion, WeChat nearly 3 million subscribers. Search attention: the big Chu Chu Yichang (dachuwang) (hbqqyc) (dachued) in Chu Chu Chu Xiaogan (dachuxiaogan) Shiyan (dachusy) Jingmen (dachujingmen) Chu Chu Chu Jingzhou (hbqqjz) Huanggang (dachuhg) Chu Enshi (enshitengchu) Chu Xiantao (dachuxiantao)相关的主题文章: