Drive away bad mood! Learn IU Jin Yuzhen draw a smile-yuanmu

Drive away bad mood! IU Jin Yuzhen painted a vitality makeup lead: Babies Smile recently mood seems downdown ~ let’s draw a smile with eye makeup, smile smile Yingying, get rid of the bad mood, vitality (source: PClady) with Suzy Jin Yuzhen painted makeup this life, smile, there will be a break in the current collapse. For example, a good journey Da, who knows the inexplicable lost Dad than seeing a zombie? You love the gold Smith couple also cahuo 1. Your home and the flower with a small flower next pharaoh. Ah ~ life in the MRT, someone always accompany someone left a small baby ~ mood! Touch the head ~ ~ what is a lipstick can not solve it? If there is, then a smile makeup, away from these little mood good. Qi smile on the whole makeup, makeup can be described as: smile, make people feel very happy and vitality like makeup, AND when all smile. Blue, heart big baby brain fill out a sexy bitch, Jiangzi flower (honey (smiling) ah you give me (no, no family)!! A series of normal style some of the keywords should be: the feeling is smiling appearance, gloss, good complexion! I remember reading a small test, the boys are most concerned about the part of girls, without exception, eyes! There will be a pair of smiling eyes, must be the deepest memory of the hidden secrets of the longest, such lovely eyes and attract the opposite sex forces, look at people feel good mood! Some girl born the eye smile, not the girl don’t worried, but you make a good helper ~ ~ second [white Eyeliner eliminate "his" image] white Eyeliner under the eyelid painted white eyeliner is an effective way to improve, it can let the eyes look like pure soft Lolita. In the vicinity of the black eye of the site, the outline of the thin white eyeliner, eye convergence effectively, but also to narrow the distance between you and the people around. Draw a crescent to see how [laughs] in the draw a crescent smile to create eye makeup, the lower eyelid painted inside canthus is the key, and the outer corner of the eye were widened, the middle part slightly narrow, let the eyes downward crescent. [elongated rapidly melting ice cold sense] Eye Liner Eyeliner Eye stretched even with perfect, also because of the cold eyes because of lost smile! May wish to try to draw the eye liner, the outer corner of the eye elongated 0.5cm, this method can be a good way to ease the eyes. I see the smiling ~ ~ also choose brown eyeliner affinity more than black. Jin Yuzhen’s face with lighting function, not only people to see their mood bang bang, see also fried chicken with confidence! Shine beauty girl after, let a person feel this cup to look into the wash out. (honey smile. Jpg) speaking of this brilliant face, but behind the makeup before the milk to a big hero! Well, that’s what the old man forgot…… In addition to smooth skin color ~ effect, there are some built-in flash light particles with ~ and then apply makeup, you will find that your skin so wide transparent!)相关的主题文章: