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Driving this case the insurance company will not lose 1 cents of car wax car maintenance steps often encounter some owners question, why should I buy is "all risks", the insurance company has an accident after exclusions? In fact, the insurance companies in the insurance clauses (policy back) on these exclusions projects are described, we just don’t notice it, today is cat uncle list of these projects, to the owners of a reminder, so as not to be cheated. 1, flooded after the ignition failure, for now the national large-scale city rainstorm, severe waterlogging, this time if the car was flooded, causing water to enter the re Ignition Fault of the engine, the insurance company does not pay. The car stalled in the water, if the water reached the inlet height, must not try again from the insurance company should immediately call request surveying and trailer maintenance, so the engine inlet cause two damage. 2, after the incident did not report, do not pay according to the "insurance law" stipulates that the insured shall notify the insurer within 48 hours after the occurrence of an insurance accident, or losses can not be determined or expanded, the insurer is not liable for damages. So after the accident must be reported within 48 hours, otherwise the insurance company, insurance company is likely to decline. 3, the third party rub after the escape, not lose if it is because the third party rub accident escape and the third party can’t find this kind of situation, the insurance company is also not accepted, so if they reported only zirendaomei. 4, the insured person take the initiative to give up the right of recourse, do not pay do not assert their "all risks" let the perpetrators, you think "have pity on", the insurance company may not appreciate, it is his own pocket bike. Provides a disclaimer: car damage in third due to damage to the insurance vehicle insurance accident caused the insurance after the accident, before the insured does not compensation insurance, the insured person to give up on the responsible party to the right of indemnity, the insurer is not liable for damages. 5, the new car is not on the cards, or temporary license expires if losses are caused, do not pay insurance provisions: vehicle insurance must have two conditions, one is the vehicle insurance shall be issued by the public security traffic management department or driving license plate, two is within the specified time period qualified by the public security traffic management department inspection. Otherwise exempt from liability. 6, time of inspection or not through the annual loss, do not lose the reason ibid, so timely inspection is really important, not just fool. Can be 90 days in advance of the annual inspection of the car. 7, their people hit their own people, do not pay the so-called their people hit their own people, referring to, with the name of my car collided with the two, the insurance company does not pay. Because the two cars are "I" under the name of the property, the accident does not exist in the third. So, please pay attention to their Nouveau riche. 8, tire wheel damage or burst, not lose if the vehicle tire in running injury insurance companies that tire, wheel is not lost, because the tire hub, belonging to vulnerable parts of special, the insurance company does not provide insurance. But if it is because other losses cause a puncture, is can get compensation from the insurance company. 9, in the parking lot of the car lost, do not lose since the car.相关的主题文章: