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Eleven golden week is the time the Summer Palace osmanthus fragrance [eleven edition] – Sohu tour in October autumn is a harvest season, is the most beautiful season in a sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. In this beautiful autumn, ten miles away can smell the aroma that made people reluctant to leave. A tiny flowers, far from looking a little shamefaced. To look carefully, it is so lovely and delicate, were huddled together. A small four petals wanton outward open, constantly spit out bursts of fragrance. Dim light corpus luteum sex soft, feeling sparse trace far only sweet stay. What is green, the first one among the flowers. May set the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum should be ashamed. Painting column opened at the mid autumn festival. A ruthless Kesha thinking, what was missing? One of Li Qingzhao’s "partridge heaven" make osmanthus beauty portrayed most incisive. This year during the eleven main theme of the Summer Palace osmanthus theme. The north in general is very difficult to see osmanthus open in autumn October. The Summer Palace’s "autumn osmanthus culture exhibition and" brought the gospel to the beautiful Beijing citizens and tourists. Can view the royal gardens of the ancient style, and can enjoy a variety of sweet scented osmanthus enchanting posture. Osmanthus with its unique beauty and aroma of people’s favorite. Osmanthus fragrance of Kunming lake, prompting visitors to take pictures…… The Summer Palace this year, the exhibition of sweet scented osmanthus, with 50 pots of the century old GUI as the main, while with more than 250 pots of large potted osmanthus. The exhibits are respectively Kim, Yingui, osmanthus and osmanthusfragrans. With the fragrance of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance send autumn blessing for tourists. The door and the North wishful door were placed with sweet scented osmanthus culture as the theme of "blossoming" and "cloud two fantasy theme flower beds, creating a royal autumn flowers garden atmosphere. In order to catch up during the Mid Autumn Festival, national day to achieve the best viewing effect, the the Summer Palace osmanthus conservation technicians also specially done flowering regulation, these sweet scented osmanthus in the exhibition has been frozen 50 Yu Tian. In the palace gate, temple, Wenchang Pavilion, eight party building, the East Bank of Kunming lake and other scenic spots to enjoy "laurel falls, Tianxiang cloud drift outside" a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. The golden laurel, golden color, fragrance, durable, The brightness dazzles the eyes., flower bud density, flowering node number, inflorescence internodes short, relatively concentrated, Guangxi in the golden flowers, petals, flowers, flowers are better than other kim. Zhuangyuanhong osmanthus, Hongyan, fragrance, osmanthus variety population ranked first. Generally open in late September to early October. January a flower, flowers should season. Not to boast of rain, snow and ice accumulation and shen. A Osmanthusfragrans four osmanthus lines, flowers white or yellowish white, light fragrance is kim. The biggest difference is that it and other varieties of perennial flowering, which will bloom throughout the year, so the nickname laurel osmanthusfragrans. But it is also the most fragrant flowers in many of the sweet scented osmanthus, almost can not smell the fragrance of flowers. The Summer Palace incense, Yama O Ge, Ge Xiu mountain, Xishan Longevity Hill in the distance and near the peaks of the mountain peaks Jade Spring screen background, small, magnificent, beautiful verdant green pines and verdant cypresses. The surface of the.相关的主题文章: