Erian the fed in September to raise interest rates from six to 80%-demonophobia

Erian: Fed rate hike in September six to 80% probability of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 31 days   Allianz chief economic adviser Erian (Mohamed El-Erian) said that he now believes that the Federal Reserve has 60% possible interest rate hike in September, and in some cases, this possibility will increase to 80%. In an interview with CNBC, he explained that "certain circumstances": "if Friday’s employment report has three elements, namely, more than 180 thousand new jobs, wages rise, and major changes in labor force participation rate did not cause unemployment increased, then the possibility will be increased." "If the employment opportunity, the labor force participation rate and the wages are saying that interest rates should move forward, because we are close to full employment, the Fed will not raise interest rates, it is too difficult to do." He added that even if the three elements to meet the two, but also enough for the fed to raise interest rates. However, if the three elements of only one, it may make a little worried AI lian. He said the Fed should raise interest rates on this node…… Because the domestic economy allows them to do so, because for a modern economy, too long to keep interest rates too low will cause collateral damage". The overall judgment of the market and Erian still some discrepancy. According to CME Group data, the current widespread expectations that the Fed’s interest rate hike in September is only 24%, while the possibility of interest rate hike in December is 55.9%. Erian explained that he believes that the possibility of interest rate hike in September reached 60%, not because of the domestic environment, but because of the international environment. "Although the domestic environment has been a green light, but at the international level or yellow light. In other words, in fact, international factors to prevent the Fed rate hike." (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Feng Dewei相关的主题文章: