Exclusive interview with Jane Zhang mother accused of years of N sins-kimi wo omou melodi

In an exclusive interview with Jane Zhang: mother accused Feng Ke for many years N sins of Jane Zhang’s mother Jane Zhang Feng Ke Nan Yinwen with Sina entertainment news entertainment has every two or three days! The day before Jane Zhang [micro-blog] with her boyfriend Feng Ke will marry in Italy on November 8th news (October 8th) was confirmed by Mr Feng Ke, on the 9 day, there are media reports in Chengdu, Jane Zhang’s mother Ms. Zhang Guiying issued an open letter to the public. A written letter Zhang Guiying alleged Feng Ke had deceived Jane Zhang as a "mistress", but also swallow Jane Zhang and her share of the company, that Feng Ke is not a daughter life of man, and opposed the marriage. Sina entertainment after much effort to contact Jane Zhang’s mother Zhang Guiying himself, she confirmed that the letter is written by himself, and in an exclusive interview with Sina entertainment, with a worried mother stand, chatted all the amazing insider behind many of Jane Zhang and Feng Ke more than and 10 years of love! Liangying’s mother Zhang Guiying said himself yesterday (8 days) only through the media that they want to hold the wedding next month, after simply unaware, but confirmed that two people were not currently licensing. The letter referred to the company on the ownership change, Zhang mother revealed that she and Jane Zhang have been unaware, until the 14 year of principal in Industrial and Commercial Bureau found equity after repeated changes, even the signature is not what I signed, but they had not signed the third party agency to shareholders "agreement Feng Ke was even verbally notified no change of equity, Zhang mother to know things will communicate with her daughter, Liangying also don’t know, I told Liangying that she was crying." A more amazing love "mistress", Zhang mother said 03 years two was introduced and fell in love, Feng Ke is already divorced for three years, but as Liangying’s mother said she suspected that she felt her daughter too "little girl" mentality, easily believe that a "absolutely ignorant of the past people say she has been that the other side can" shake "the divorce proof protocol and the like, but the man has not given a positive answer, until Liangying became" mistress". Listen to the reporter a sigh of life. Knock on the keyboard, but also touched the chest to resolve economic disputes with the parties offer legal procedures, you can say it again, but involves legal issues or export solutions! In short, Sina entertainment will continue to follow the progress of events. What?! Marriage is such a big thing that even Jane Zhang mother do not know? Interview Zhang mother emotional stability, but can feel her anxiety. After the confirmation letter is issued by himself, Zhang mother immediately "complaint" recently the first thing can do, it is yesterday (8 days), Liangying and her boyfriend Feng Ke will marry in Italy on November 8th news media exposure, Feng Ke himself later confirmed in micro-blog, and as Jane Zhang’s mother, she said he was is that the same frequency and Gualu people eat, "they have not told me, I also know only yesterday." In this piece of mother realized that he has tackled the marriage has been close to That’s final., she had to stand out in such a way to stop again, "I hope you could understand.相关的主题文章: