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Expert weapon: children in the winter cold, proper use of cold medicine – Sohu maternal two days, emergency outpatient hall Xinhua Hospital, children’s Hospital, children’s medical center and several children’s hospital are crowded, in the evening, there are still many parents take up, take the child to come to visit. Mainly in the cold, fever, diarrhea and other common pediatric diseases." According to the children’s Hospital of Luding Road, the new hospital emergency office responsible person said, after work and night emergency visits increased more significantly, mainly due to a part of the parents after work with children to come to visit, because at night, the surrounding community general hospital pediatric pediatric resources relative lack, many parents can only choose to visit here. Data show that the number of visits this week than last week increased, Monday for 7886 passengers, 7223 passengers on Tuesday. Among them, medical visits accounted for nearly 50%, followed by the digestive and respiratory specialist. A similar situation also appears in other hospitals. Has the advantage such as pediatrics Xinhua Hospital, the two day to work daily outpatient volume growth of nearly 20%, while in the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in Pudong New Area since October menzhenliang maintained at 5000-5600 million, an increase of 28% compared to September. The children have a fever what to eat, how to correctly use the winter cold, cold medicine, this reporter consulted the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center emergency department doctor, the following will be detailed for everyone to answer similar questions, hope to have help you to treasure dad Baoma who! A, eat cold medicine can prevent a cold, children eat what is good? Western medicine is a compound of cold medicine, usually containing 2 – to 5 components, respectively, to alleviate the symptoms of different cold. Such as children’s Tylenol fever, fever in children caused by common cold or influenza, can also relieve mild to moderate pain such as headache, joint pain, muscle pain, migraine headache, toothache, neuralgia, one year old baby can use. But the need to remind everyone that the baby medication must be under the guidance of doctors, and according to the different degree have a fever fever, the choice of specific measures, and timely make medication and record temperature, when necessary, timely medical treatment. Need to remind parents that children must use a child’s cold medicine! The prevention of colds in children is the most important method: wash hands often run out of; use a paper towel, immediately lost; avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes; wipe the faucet, wash your hands to avoid cross infection; regular window ventilation; regular cleaning of children’s toys. Two, winter cold does not need to take medicine? Due to the different constitution of people, cold symptoms. Usually weak constitution, a small cold can bring great harm, especially by the cold caused by myocarditis, pneumonia and other serious complications, such as not timely treatment is likely to endanger life. Such patients under the guidance of a doctor in a timely manner to select the appropriate cold medicine, quickly relieve symptoms, reduce the risk of colds. Especially when the body temperature is more than 39 degrees Celsius, it is likely to have influenza, not hard to carry, should be timely treatment. In addition, the appropriate choice of cold medicine, you can ease sneezing, runny nose and other symptoms. Three, can eat two or three kinds of cold medicine at the same time? Cold medicine is more complex.相关的主题文章: