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Family and children would have no pattern? Author Yan | – Sohu maternal uncle said a few days ago Kay kaishushuo recommended an article "don’t put the poor view to your children", I said: the rich attitude is focus on incremental, they believe in the future. Poor attitude is to look at the stock, they fear the future. This article, that is the same reason. The level of basic necessities of life, money can be defined, but knowledge, mind and vision, not by money holding. True no confidence, there is no firm conviction of the guilty of a better future. Don’t let the child lack of confidence. For a long time, the circle of friends are two arguments Shuabing — 1 poor and difficult child; 2 poor children and the children of the rich have a world of difference in the vision. From the crazy forwarding level, you can see the division of the class, such as a thorn can not pull out, deeply rooted in the hearts of many people. As a mother, I also occasionally in order not to give children a better life and anxiety. Until last week, and for a long time without contact to meet colleagues, from the mountains to come out of him by two things, let me have a new understanding of "poor" and "pattern". He walked out of the poor village, tuition is rigged to relatives and friends. Colleagues before, he just graduated from the University of the four or five line of the city, to Beijing to work hard, all the year round several sets of clothes back and forth down wear. At that time, in order to save the cost of the bus, he is often in the fare upgrade before the station to get off, walk to the destination, only to save 50 Fen or a dollar. Now, as a project director of the company, he has an annual salary of about seven hundred thousand, bought a house in Beijing to buy a car, but also from the parents received the home. After dinner, he grabbed the bill, it is very calm to buy coupons from some preferential sites to pay – to make money is not easy, save the savings, the habit has not changed over the past decade. After dinner, the way about another colleague to tea, he received a phone call: always want to meet this brand is responsible for several days to return to France, have the opportunity to arrange the meeting. He direct booking, business class is full, he said nothing for the first-class cabin, do not need to burden in reimbursement of excess funds. Eat dozens of dollars to thousands of dollars a ticket accounting, but do not care about this, he calmly explained: "the tea restaurant, each person’s welfare is preferential; up to talk about cooperation, it is my job, the slow step may miss the opportunity, loss of tens of millions." Although he was born in a poor family, but with the promotion, when faced with major decisions has been completely out of the inherent thinking — well versed in the way of choice, the pattern of change, step by step outside the scenery has seen three. If parents have a big pattern, even if they live in the countryside, the same as the impact of the child’s mind. I was born? Students, Yuesao in rural areas in Shaanxi, her monthly salary is 9000. During the off-season, she and her husband worked in Beijing, convenient is the son of the University; when busy, go home with the couple of crops. The elder sister, but also to take advantage of opportunities in Beijing, the school certificate, nursery teacher – prolactin Division相关的主题文章: