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Children travel: Taishan rift travel – Sohu maternal and child Taishan Rift Valley travel notes: A Fang night has been deep, ride back to the hotel. Asked: "how is Mr. Liu big stage performance?" I answered: "down to earth" of the whole show, don’t stop laughing, tears, wrinkles deepened! If the first night of the "Taishan eternal love" is "," tonight "liulaogen big stage" is "vulgar". A vulgar, elegant, in Tai’an have enjoyed. Because Liu big stage performance not to take pictures, but that is another story, say today another activity, one of the wonders of nature — Taishan rift. Qiu Zhen Taishan Rift Valley in Tai’an. Coincidentally, today we ride the bus driver’s shop Qiu village, listen to him, and found the rift almost ten years ago, the government of the surrounding villages to sign to the development of this area, currently still under construction. The Great Rift Valley is essentially a group of underground cave mountain. This is my first visit to the cave. In the first, see stalactites could not help but want to take a picture, marvel; farther behind more is more of a surprise. We experience the underground river rafting. Originally, I thought drifting is only a kind of sports experience, floating over before I know also saw a lot of little-known landscape. Enter the shuttle, in a narrow channel and turn left, then turn, if there is no light, I really do not know where you are. This reminds me of "the adventures of Tom Sawyer," the hero lost in the cave, perhaps this is the feeling. Drifting to the end, there are several bumps in a row, we were surprised to scream. Little Z is very happy! Under the raft to a very broad and spectacular stalactites, or top-down or bottom-up, or rough, or fine, or such other, or the other, spectacular. What’s more, there are waterfalls! Underground waterfall! People can imagine, to see the beauty of it, it’s magnificent. We all visit, a scenic spot called "East Palace", from the name can be inferred its splendor. One way to see a lot of different stalactites, by people named "Volcano", "easy horse", "hand in hand", "Ganoderma greetings" etc.. This makes me think of the stone forest in Kunming, here is the stone forest, the stone forest underground. Tai’an, a Taishan, a rift, it is in nature in a body. Our trip. In October 5, 2016 of Taishan Encyclopedia of the Great Rift rift fault in Taishan is briefly introduced and the two mountain Culai mountain zone, located in Tai’an city of Shandong Province, Qiu zhen. Has been the development of the whole tourism meters, length up to meters; scenic utilization of groundwater resources rich inside Valley, create meters underground river rafting. Hundreds of meters deep rift, the nature and the formation of the infinite extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature, Speechless wonders heartshaking. Public subscription number – Happy parent-child reading (xingfuqinziyuedu), to share your excellent reading, educational articles, and you exchange original parenting sentiment, welcome attention. :)相关的主题文章: