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Faye Wong good mood change words in concert or cover the works of Dou Jingtong –   entertainment Sohu; and a toast to click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news (Xuanwen Xiao Xiao Ming flood map video) the evening of September 9th, Faye Wong held a press conference in Beijing, announced in Shanghai in December 30th this year, Mercedes Benz cultural center held a "Faye Wong Magic Music 2016" concert. A good mood, she changed the past laconic, talking, laughing, even if the Northeast have soared out, "ouch, I say much." This will not be asked to invite Dou Jingtong as guests, said Faye Wong, certainly not, but will not rule out the cover of daughter’s songs, the future may also have music on cooperation with Dou Jingtong. Talk about the concert: only a about more than and 20 songs in the evening, Faye Wong, wearing a blue Pleated Dress appearance, be praised media figure, she jokes that always figure are good, there is a fitness, but a lot of fat than before, may be a matter of age." The mood of her concert is to play off the reel, even the Northeast words are out, "oh yeah, I say much." , said his words too much, then the secret." Faye Wong introduction, the concert will only open a game, hoping to let the fans in the form of live at the same time to enjoy, the site will use VR, so that fans at home also have immersive feeling." She said, this concert is a prominent fantasy feeling, will probably sing more than and 20 songs, "sing before the concert did not sing the song. There have been many concerts, there are a lot of repetition. I love to sing this song, of course, will also take care of the fans, the track selection of half right now." There are fans worried about this concert is not her farewell performance, Faye Wong scene denied, absolutely not goodbye to the show, there is no concept of farewell. Farewell is a very formal thing for me." A concert or a remake of the works of Dou Jingtong old partner Zhang Yadong as music director, as everyone knows, Faye Wong’s concert has always been no guests, many people are curious about this would invite her daughter Dou Jingtong. Scene, she said directly denied, this does not, do not know, may be done on a small occasion. I appreciate Maria Tung’s works and styles, maybe maybe later." But she also said that this concert will cover Dou Jingtong’s works. That night, the old partner Zhang Yadong also came to the scene as the music director of the concert. Faye Wong said: "our feeling is very in tune, he itself is a fantasy." Faye Wong is finally going to have a concert, and agent Chen Jiaying has something to say. Chen Jiaying said, in recent years, Faye Wong has a lot of psychological changes, she hopes to music and ideas will be there in a concert (show), so that people all over the world to share music and feelings with her, "very happy to reach her hope." Talking about some time ago on the Internet Faye Wong singing a variety of rumors will, she also specifically clarified: "a few months ago, rumors of a lot of misunderstanding, say what time, these are not."   相关的主题文章: