Female anchor for face on their own hard. (video) brock lesnar

Female anchor on their own hard and photogenic face new oxygen (micro signal: soyoung111) to see on the horizon of recent netizens posting said CCTV female anchor Liang Lu face scared, unsuspecting point in, finally cried out… Oh, Miss Young, a veteran in battle is not so easily frightened, to analyze the old driver ~ feeling in addition to face a little stiff, too much makeup look outside the micro-blog photo fortunately exploded ah, is about to fly to the outer corner of the temple, like ET’s eyes, not high friends of the nose, at any time to worry about the burst of the screen pointed chin, hairline rule, a red net package ah, full set. Without exception, look at what the original is a photo ~ contrast, little not comprehensive nose. This face more than a small circle, is simply the frenzied cutting head face ah, vu. Ignore the black ribbon red wave stockings, spicy eyes ~ this bulging Apple muscle is very eye-catching. Slowly tune into Jiangzi, with now also on. This is obviously not shaping the brakes too hard type. No wonder netizens Tucao ~ "strongest Nami figure" female anchor photo is really beautiful! Some netizens said: see the face of Liang Lu’s plastic surgery, I instantly forgive the X Ying, X purple, X cool and so on female stars. It’s really important to choose a doctor!" In fact, the CCTV anchor anchor can be more than one of her, the most famous is not her, but Lu Chuan’s wife, the world to the world, the anchor Hu Die. This is the original face of the womb, telling the truth is a good time, just look old. However, after moving in goose hear the world is like this, from the moment the change next door to aunt sister ah. Dignified atmosphere face turned exquisite small V face, suddenly young 10 years old. The peak value of Yan is such, was called "CCTV Fan Bingbing", obviously did open his eyes, nose, cut bone surgery, this just to face seckill all morning news anchor had attracted public attention. After you can see that the face is not as smooth as 2009, natural, the face has a downward trend, a little bit of the left side of the chin. Suspected to be done in the middle of the filling, the face is still swollen, not yet restored to work is also a good job. This is the 13 year of close range, better than not know, a more than surprised ah, his eyes open so big is to skate? The man looked ominously, eyes like poly God, even embarrassed nostrils, silkworm disappeared. ~14 years is like this drop, in fact, because every day in the CCTV anchor HD camera, determines the nature of work she cannot always make, unlike PS, star has put pictures, pictures, so see also will be particularly obvious. 15 years after the yen value returned should be well again, may also be to talk about love about ~2015 years married to Lu Chuan, was photographed makeup photos is Jiangzi drops ~ Oh, so my sister, are you sure it’s not Xie Lin. Side to see the tip of the chin did not have a friend with his face swollen to a piece of it, our little V face where to go? It seems that the director of the land is true love for her, so it seems that the spirit of communication is also very important. This is the case, directly hit the face of Yuan Shanshan, but fortunately the United states. From 07 years to 16 years, nearly ten years, Hu Die ~!相关的主题文章: