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Feng Xiaogang: don’t shoot sex wise remark of an experienced person anyway also not to broadcast the Sina entertainment Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog] directed the film "I am not Pan Jinlian" in theaters in September 30th this year coincides with the twenty anniversary of Feng’s humor. Therefore today that a "comedy of sadness" seminar, Feng Xiaogang bring new film starring one of Dapeng [micro-blog], director Hao Ning "and" I am not Pan Jinlian "Feng comedy" and 1500 students of Communication University of China were discussed, and the propaganda film. As discussed object, Feng Xiaogang at the conference saying constantly, not only active talk of "I am not Pan Jinlian" in the scene, and also talked about the first film after his failed. Feng’s quotations: let’s talk about sex or sex Chinese don’t take good after "I am not Pan Jinlian" premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, received a lot of praise, but Feng Xiaogang humbly said "this is due to the writer Liu Zhenyun to write a good script, I just carry out." Different digital images in film actor in his mind is full of wit and humour contributed, "this is a big challenge for Fan Bingbing [micro-blog], she wanted to challenge a dozen excellent actor, the actor is a collective actor." It is appraised as life is very shy of director Hao Ning, in Feng Xiaogang seems very suitable for the bulk of Zhao starred in the film Guo Tao [micro-blog] plays, and Hao Ning admit not remember the lines and the role of the character also agree without prior without previous consultation. The film plays Wang Gongdao Dapeng also have a special liking to Zhao big reason is the angle of pornography, "he has a very intense scene in the movie." Ambiguous humor triggered a burst of laughter scene. Subsequently, Feng Xiaogang said the initiative to talk about the movie scene, but the spearhead seems to point to the review system, China will not have to shoot a bed scene, shoot anyway, do not let the broadcast. That’s not the way you shoot it. The performance of the special embarrassment, it is better not to play. In Chinese take review can be tolerated Chuangxi do stunts, not as good as the online page fly out of those, which one is not better than the movie xiehu." Finally, he also warned Hao Ning, two directors "in Chinese Dapeng don’t love scenes." Feng: this car two quotations is not big enough only to pick up two people in the name of Feng Xiaogang announced a new film called "I am not Pan Jinlian" after a party took the opportunity to launch "my Pan Jinlian" is a film to win the eye. As for the "pengci" phenomenon, Feng Xiaogang did not fire, but is a humorous response said, "Pan Jinlian is drawn to Liu Zhenyun, this movie just like other movies like this is a car, but I did not expect so many people take this car, this time we had a little. The next time we have a bigger car, you can sit more people, or next time I shot "I am not Li Lianying", take a eunuch story, estimates would not have so much a ride." Feng quotations three: circular screen is only to Chuge I wasted my first Feng Xiaogang in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" in bold use of the circular frame, it also caused a lot of outside reading. And he himself responded to the cause. He joked that the square had been Jia Zhangke [micro-blog].相关的主题文章: