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PR After a decisive mandate last year, the present government has led ambitious plans to transform India into a prosperous nation by 2022. The significance of the year lie in the fact that India will .plete 75 years of independence from British rule. The vision of the government aims to ensure employment, economic opportunity, housing, electricity, water, sanitation, connectivity, medical facility, schools for the Indian citizens. Fiinovation .plaints – This vision will adhere to the growing demand of the citizens of India of sustained rapid economic growth, especially in the manufacturing sector. It will also ensure that the States act as development partners and support a stable macroeconomic environment aiming cooperative and .petitive federalism in the country. The good news is that the government has already started implementing reforms to change the investment climate in India and attracting investors from across the globe. Today, it is very important to ensure speedy and direct delivery of social benefits to the elderly and the underprivileged. Fiinovation .plaints believes that the government should work towards reforms that include liberalization of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), enhancing investment in infrastructure (roads, railways, rural infrastructure, housing etc.), single-window clearances and speedy resolution of disputes, taxation reforms etc. These will ensure the economy more conducive for private investment and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives. Improved quality of public expenditure will ensure improved targeting and reduce inefficiencies and chances of corruption. The government should look towards new channels of delivery of social benefits that can include using bank accounts, direct-cash-transfer mechanism, mobile phones, biometric identification systems and usage of advanced technology. Digitization of India, thus, very important and broadband services to Gram Panchayats are crucial to reach out to the remotest corners of the country. Fiinovation .plaints – The recent plunge in oil prices and .modity prices have benefitted the economy. The inflation has declined and the current account deficit that was a concern has narrowed down. Global institutions such as World Bank, IMF, ADB have all estimated that Indias growth will soon overpass that of China. However, there are huge infrastructure projects such as Trans Harbour Link in Mumbai, Industrial Corridors between Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Bangalore, Bharat Mala, Sagar Mala, Bullet Trains, Metro Projects, Airports, and other projects that are stalled due to environment clearances, disputes, financial problems etc. There is an urgent need to begin implementation of these projects along with ‘Make in India’, Digital India, Swachh Bharat and other initiatives. This also means getting bills such as land acquisition, real estate bill among others cleared by the Parliament. The 7th pay .mission will likely increase the private consumption expenditure due to revision in salaries, accelerating the growth of the government consumption expenditure as well. Also, the global growth is likely to pick up, which also means higher demand both internally and externally. Global growth will also increase the amount of remittances and higher entrepreneurial investments spurring jobs. It seems there is a long way to go, however, there are positive signs as the economy looks to improve, backed by positive investor perception. Fiinovation .plaints hope that the vision ensures India a developed and a prosperous nation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: