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Humanities People watch movies for various reasons. Some individuals watch the film in order to eradicate their boredom while there are others who watch it as they want to view the performance of their favourite superstar. Earlier people did not pay much attention as to who the film maker is and the persons who toiled hard behind the camera to produce the film. But today is a different story. The film enthusiasts are well aware regarding the director of the film and the production house under which the film has been produced. The change has occurred more due to the manner in which the film is promoted. In fact, every film maker keeps a separate budget for the film promotion and marketing. Indeed, all the film stars want to work with large production houses. The film producer in Kolkata plays a very crucial and vital role as he has to arrange for the entire budget and finance the film. Therefore he can be regarded as the sole head of the production house. After the script is approved by the director, it is sent to the producer for his approval. If he approves then only the director can proceed with the project. All the major as well as petty expenses related to the production of the film are handled by him. He keeps the track records of all the payments which are done to each and every crew member associated with the film right from the leading stars to spot boys. He would also pay for hiring equipments and places whether the location is in India or abroad. His decision in every issue is considered as final and there is none who can oppose it. The producer also should have a thorough knowledge of what a good script is as he needs to select it wisely. He has every right to reject if he finds flaws in it or finds the story is not so interesting. His job is to select the best production team who will be guided by an experienced and skilled film director and versatile and talented film actors and actresses. The actors should do proper justice to the storyline of the film. Nowadays several film producers are looking for fresh and appealing faces to work with their venture. Every year some debutants make their way into this film industry and if they are successful in spellbinding the audiences through their act, they be.e favourites for the production houses. It is not an easy task to be.e a film producer. On the eve of the release of the film, he is very anxious and stressed as he does not know how the film is going to perform. If the movie is being filmed more than two or three weeks, he can be sure that the audience has liked it. Apart from that the Film producer in Kolkata also keeps a close observation on the box office collection of the film in which the first week is very crucial. It decides whether the film is flop or hit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: