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Finally understand why a lot of people the wrong throttle when the brakes – Sohu car case playback not long ago, the Yiyang police detachment is Zhang Changyi high-speed section of the opposite lane on duty, suddenly heard a loud noise…… the police rushed to the scene of the accident found the opposite, a red car business for tire hit the guardrail, then a white car the rear end hit the red car accident occurred two times. Two cars were seriously injured and one was injured. The scene of the accident investigation, the use of the original red business right after the car tire is a full size spare tire old, because the vehicle running too fast, the spare tire burst the vehicle out of control and crashed into a guardrail…… always check out in front of the tire in daily maintenance or long-distance travel, should have no detection of tire wear or cracks, such as have to wear mark, then you should change as soon as possible. But if the sidewall cracks appear cannot use it to run long distance or speed, because the tire side wall is thin easily in the high speed burst. A full size spare tire can only emergency spare wheel with low frequency, due to the friction coefficient and the other four tires, and non flat than a full size spare tire, tire width or diameter of the tyre and the normal use of the tire is different, so the long time use will have a certain impact of vehicle brake system, steering system and suspension system and bring the problem of traffic safety, but also make the friction uneven with other tire to the. Proper use of the spare tire 1, spare tire should not use the alternative is fetal long time. The spare tire to use less frequency, so the friction with the ground relatively few opportunities, such as change the spare tire, because of the friction coefficient of four tire ground adhesion is different, different, different pressure, long time will affect the use of vehicle brake system, steering system and suspension system, bring great risks to traffic safety. 2, the spare tire to prevent oil corrosion. The main component of the tire rubber, and rubber is most afraid of erosion of all kinds of oil, try not to put oil and spare tire together. If the tire has been stained with oil, it is necessary to use neutral detergent to wash oil. 3, to understand the types of spare tire. These figures are very important for traffic safety, especially the load index and tire speed, such as more than one of the provisions, will bring traffic safety risks. 4, for use in a vehicle spare tyre, should pay attention to the speed. 5, the tire should be repaired on the non driving wheel. After some tire puncture were repaired, repair tires must be put in the drive wheel, if the spare tire is repaired, and to replace and drive wheel, there must be trouble, the first is not to make up for the tire to the drive wheels, and a spare tire. A correct response to our method in addition to the pre driving tire inspection, in the face of the moving vehicle tire, also should take correct measures. 1, when aware of a puncture, hands grip the steering wheel, trying to control the steering wheel from turning on their own, to let the car run straight along the original direction, if there is such a shift, do not over correction, in fact it is difficult to correct. 2, in the control of the direction of the rapid.相关的主题文章: