For suspected pregnant Myolie Wu birthday in March next year made

For suspected pregnant Myolie Wu birthday in March next year made according to Hongkong media reports, Myolie Wu yesterday (November 6th) 37 birthday, her last year at the birthday party with Li Chengde (Philip) engagement, December Li too. This year, Myolie Wu celebrated her birthday, and the "good talking" good sisters made a wish that she had a beautiful child and a beautiful mother…… A wind leak is suspected, there seems to be good news to report. However, Myolie Wu said the work schedule is scheduled to be a very full, must first complete the mainland drama, until March next year to make plans. Li Chengde is the wife birthday party, Myolie Wu from Ningbo back to Hongkong with friends to celebrate, "nonsense" sisters Nancy Wu, Hu Beiyu, Elaine Yiu, Pal Sinn and William So appeared; Li Shihua went to France, so the absence of Huang Zhiwen fell ill. Myolie Wu is wearing a long skirt, dress up with friends to celebrate, Li Chengde wife prepared a birthday cake, flower life bag and suckling pig, she cut the cake and a husband in the company. A birthday party for Nancy Wu to share photos on social networking sites, her message: "I hope your wishes come true!" Myolie Wu’s desire to Li Chengde whether flourishing? Although there is no desire to open the content, Nancy Wu followed by micro-blog, added, she uploaded a birthday photo, wrote: "not a few years to celebrate your birthday! Sis… Happy birthday! Finished series don’t work, have a good rest, have a beautiful child, do a beautiful mother!" Seem to imply. Elaine Yiu message: "Happy birthday babe~ all the best to u babiesss some students hope Lee too quickly give us these nonsense aunt aunt hug, who did not come……" Although Myolie Wu figure is very good, but the sisters of the message, coupled with the absence of alcohol refers to Myolie Wu, so she pregnant flavor thicker. March next year to finish the drama started reporter contact Myolie Wu congratulated her birthday, thank you for a response. Ask her whether to congratulate her beautiful mother do? She said, "not yet!" Myolie Wu’s agency Propaganda Department responded: "Myolie Wu has been very busy, and often not in Hongkong, so last night (November 5th) is the relatives and friends to celebrate the birthday of gathering, by the way. Myolie Wu is busy filming the mainland drama, to be completed in March next year, so the plan will be considered in the next year, I would like to thank everyone concerned." Husband love coax wife happy yesterday (November 6th), Li Chengde on the social networking site to flash, wife estrus, happy birthday to Myolie Wu. He said: I wish we continue make other grow be happy everyday to forever that each and." Internet users also respond to his stay sweet forever, very sweet. There are ready to organize family Myolie Wu has revealed her elders want children next year, the year of the rooster, she is ready to organize the large family, several children, so it prepares the body to do mother; in fact, her husband also impatient to have children. take相关的主题文章: