Foreign media Internet technology to promote China’s rapid transition to the consumer

Foreign media: Internet technology to promote the rapid transformation of the original China title to the consumer society: foreign media: Internet technology to promote the rapid transformation of China November 12th to consumer society, the staff held in Guangdong Shenzhen activities to celebrate Tmall "double eleven" all day long turnover of more than 120 billion 700 million yuan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Shen Bohan Photo Reference News Network November 20 news media said, Chinese consumption scale will greatly promote technology. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" website reported on November 3rd, Chinese for consumers, there are currently two recognized consensus: first, they suddenly appeared in the streets of London to take the British off Europe after the welfare; secondly, their consumption at slower speeds. Indeed, the cash register sucking tourist money, but the second argument is misleading. But the picture in Shanghai shows how little we know about the size and speed of Chinese shopping. Drove the serious pollution of the gray city, the sense of scale covered everything, every corner in further shows that this society is trying to cope with the pace of reform, from a congested highway over a large crane and Industrial Park, a park in paddy field service in the business empire. About 40 minutes by car from downtown to Chinese first Disney theme park, perhaps not what than Mickey mouse ears can represent the China rapid acceptance of consumerism. Reported that China a rapidly growing middle class brought great hope to the British company, according to a new report, Chinese high-income consumer groups in the next 15 years will increase from 132 million to 480 million in 2030, seven times the population of the United kingdom. The report also stressed that China’s private consumption will continue to grow in the next 15 years, with an average annual growth of more than $5.5% – a growth rate higher than expected for GDP. At the same time, more and more large city China population of more than 10 million, such as Chongqing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shenzhen, the more incredible is that there are now more than and 160 China city has a population of more than 1 million, while the city is still mostly unknown in the west. To make this more intuitive, only 10 American cities have a population of more than 1 million. Reported that China’s embrace of the Internet era has greatly promoted China’s rapid transition to the consumer society. Do not understand how deeply rooted in Chinese society in WeChat, it is difficult to fully understand the popularity of this instant messaging service. WeChat can not only send information, but also can be transmitted pictures. The new business links only need to scan each other’s two-dimensional code on the smartphone. In contrast, in order to show respect for the hands of the business card is disappearing. In the latest quarter, WeChat’s monthly active users reached a record 806 million. A WeChat user sends a message to a friend and says: "WeChat has completely dominated our lives. WeChat’s parent company Tencent after the start of the mobile wallet functionality, has been trying to make money by it, mobile wallet service also accelerated the pace of consumption. In November 11th, once again witnessed the Chinese people’s shopping habits in the rapid change in how handsome相关的主题文章: