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Free to experience the latest 100 of Hangzhou’s most beautiful home, full of love – when Sohu tourism quietly come in the early autumn, there were many stories about love and organized by the Hangzhou Tourism Committee of the 2016 International Tourism Festival of love and marriage. And Feekr, also in this season of love, the love of this romantic activities. We invited 100 couples, live in the United States and the United States in the 100 love, witness and tell the story of love. This time, we released a trick again: you can take your bestie, admitted to the West Lake side can smell the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance of white house; you can bring your parents retreat in Ling’an hear whispering Sanskrit house; you can get a love child, private enjoy Qiandao Lake is full of modern design the glass room; you can even go alone, to those who listen to his love story in the hostel…… This time, Feekr has produced 100 of Hangzhou’s sincerity [love] night beauty list, carefully selected, we selected the 100 loving Hangzhou hostel. In this "beauty list", you can choose one of the most beautiful in your mind, free living! The beauty of love [Feekr] 100 night love beauty night live free 5 places [Live] free optional 100 Hangzhou B & B a [validity] until March 31, 2017 [description] legal holidays are not available, the weekend available [description] we require two weeks in advance booking activities at the end of this article we see the 100 love home in Hangzhou, from autumn to spring, telling a story about love if you stay in the fall, you can see the storied dip in Hangzhou, see a more colorful than painting in Hangzhou: if you stay in the winter, you can see the Mancheng see snow, snow under the Jiangnan elegant temperament: if you can see in the spring arrived, incoming green tea, see the hard work of farmers. On the mountain: and we had this time, contracted 100 love beautiful places, contracted Hangzhou autumn and winter and spring, from the beginning of October this year to March next year, you will have the opportunity to get free experience in these places, see the beauty of Hangzhou [love beauty night]! In October the home stay, can smell the aroma of Osmanthus Hangzhou Liang Qi Shan Hospital smell manlongguiyu incense, drink tiger spring, in Liang Qi Shan Hospital, collocation logs and will not suddenly cement. White simple decoration, all give guests more room for imagination, this is the meaning of space. The door is full of sweet scented osmanthus, sweet and not greasy. The hostel and Lingyin Temple racket litchi compared to the white litchi Le Qiao is more quiet. Only 2 rooms, but done especially delicate, super delicious dishes and have afternoon tea, let you go. In November the B & B, can see the Hangzhou Huang Xi Xia villas in autumn in Hangzhou West Lake the most beautiful room, lying in bed on the lake in the yard to enjoy the autumn, smelling the fragrance of flowers,)相关的主题文章: