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The frequent incidents of attacks on refugee masked thugs dressed in black – Sohu news January 30th, Dover opposition and support receiving immigration crowd street clashes. The Global Times reported [] that no one thought that the original open arms to embrace the refugees in Europe, now have to use violent means to get rid of those refugees in their. Over the past few days, the European countries there is a trend of violence refugees is integration of immigrants in the best country in the Swedish capital Stockholm black masked men shouting "foreigners", the British town of Dover staged a fierce Street conflict and anti immigrant support. What is even more worrying is that the European right is taking advantage of the refugee crisis to become a powerful political force. The incident of black dress people reminded the European Internet users of the "black shirt army" in the fascist period of Italy and the German uniformed police in the black uniform. Anne, the author of Anne diaries, says that the situation of refugees in Europe is worse than that of Hitler. To my disappointment, many European countries are beginning to close their borders against refugees. In World War II, if European countries could receive more Jewish refugees, there would not be so many deaths in the holocaust." Global Times in Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, reporter Chen Xuefei Aoki Aoki Shuangcheng pottery short room Chen Jin straight

欧洲袭击难民事件频发 暴徒蒙面身着黑衣-搜狐新闻 1月30日,英国多佛反对与支持接收移民的人群发生街头冲突。   【环球时报综合报道】恐怕谁也没想到,当初张开双臂拥抱难民的欧洲,现在竟然要用暴力手段赶走那些他们迎来的难民。   过去几天,欧洲多国出现一股暴力袭击难民的潮流:被认为是移民融合最好的国家瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩的黑衣蒙面人叫嚣“攻击外国人”,英国城镇多佛上演支持与反对外来移民的激烈街头冲突。更令人担忧的是欧洲右翼正借难民危机成为一股强大的政治势力。   黑衣人事件令欧洲网民想起了意大利法西斯时期的“黑衫军”和身穿黑制服的德国党卫军。《安妮日记》作者安妮的异母??叶娃称,目前欧洲难民处境比希特勒时期还要差。“让我感到失望的是,目前许多欧洲国家开始对难民关闭边境。在二战时,如果欧洲国家能接收更多的犹太难民,大屠杀时就不会死那么多人。”   【环球时报驻瑞典、德国、英国、加拿大记者 陈雪霏 青木 纪双城 陶短房 陈一 柳直】相关的主题文章: