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Fujian A-level scenic rectification of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou 4 named Taiwanese news network November 19th rectification area began to 5 scenic spots, 1 were delisted demotion, 5 scenic spots are a serious warning, 8 4A level scenic spots are criticized! This year, a class a scenic spot in Fujian special rectification briefing released yesterday on the Internet opened the pot: do not patronize remediation inside, outside the scene also keep up." "The whole must be, can not cry up wine and sell vinegar." "It’s all right! Not comfortable place a suck!" "Is to strictly grasp, our tourism will develop well! My friends think Fujian is not what fun, but here we obviously have so beautiful scenery, picturesque scenery, beautiful forest, is a mysterious sea." …… Reporter yesterday visited the sea 6 named scenic spots, in addition to being delisted from the Xiamen Haicang Bridge tourist area, Zhangzhou plain and mountain scenic spot, the other 4 were beginning to rectification, the sentence — by Provincial Tourism Bureau released a briefing at the hope of the county (city) area by the district government, treatment area departments and the owners unit attaches great importance to take effective measures to ensure the rectification, the national A-level scenic area service quality, polish "fresh Fujian" a gilded signboard. Xiamen Haicang Bridge Tourist Area 4A delisted scenic spot is meeting to discuss the main problems: some venues and tourist facilities closed, many places have been changed to SPA foreign contracted project, the restaurant; poor sanitation condition, debris heaps, misplacing, chaos phenomenon is serious, the tourism toilet is old and damaged some of the facilities, no management and there is serious smell. Yesterday morning, a number of scenic spots are operating normally. The scenic area management staff told reporters that they are leading to a meeting to discuss the issues in the area, they know the scenic delisted news, but has not received a formal notice, "there is no conflict with the delisting of business". The competent department of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of tourism resources planning office, yesterday declined Haidu reporter interview, Director Su said, being not easy to respond. Currently, hanging on the official website of the Xiamen Municipal Tourism Bureau, 5A class 1 (Gulangyu Islet), 4A level 12. Recently, the Xiamen tourism industry moves frequently, in Australia held a "beautiful Xiamen" Xiamen tourism promotion, set up a "Xiamen global promotion alliance" to promote Xiamen city tourism and related industries, this point, Haicang Bridge tourist area to be delisted, no doubt to the industry poured cold water. Xiamen tourism industry insiders believe that the Haicang Bridge Tourist Area in Xiamen compared to other famous 4A level scenic spots, not so loud, delisting produced too much negative impact on the overall Xiamen tourism market will not. Zhangzhou Longjia spa 4A reduced to 3A by creating light management problems: serious security risks, lack of safety warning signs, some facilities bare wires inside roadway narrow steep bend anxious, and mixed vehicle; health worrying, toilet renovation is seriously lagging behind; lack of the tourist service center, there are parks, ticket ticket; parking lot construction is not standardized, scenic spot mark)相关的主题文章: