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Fujian Fujian kings Jinshen back to Henan News Agency Beijing home security patrol in Fuzhou in September 1, Clifford – (Lin Chunyin) Fujian Fujian "three kings" look back to Henan hometown security patrol Clifford starting ceremony held in Fuzhou 1. Hundreds of Wang clan will be escorting to Henan Kwangju Gushi County Jinshen security patrol, and will be sitting in the Gushi Pro Ling root museum. Historical records, Wang Zhi three brothers in the Tang Dynasty from Henan Kwangju Gushi Fujian, Fujian is respect for the people on both sides of the "three kings". Minwang in Fujian earth to thrive, from overseas, including nearly 500 thousand Wang Zhi descendants in Taiwan. Wang Zhi was later revered as Fujian Fujian, minwang minwang Zu, Henan, Fujian and Taiwan culture has become the common belief and exchange platform. On the morning of 9 pm, on the outskirts of Fuzhou under the lotus peak, minwang Memorial flags flying, luoguxuantian, drum, Dance Umbrella bustling. Wang clan according to ancient incense to kowtow, minwang. After the opening ceremony, the "three kings" in support of hundreds of gold believers slowly move. Fuzhou Jinan Fujian Wang Zhi Research Association Wang Dasheng told News Agency reporters, after the "three kings" Fujian gold back to home will be held on September 21st to 27 in Taiwan and the security patrol Ling’an block in Taichung City Fujian "three kings" memorial hall. "Fujian and Taiwan Wang clan roots are the same strain in the Central Plains of Gushi, and we worship is to root source, promote cross-strait folk harmony exchanges." Wang Dasheng said. Study of Wang Zhi Fujian province President Wang Huiming pointed to the first memorial couplets "Taiyuan Wangzu source Shanxi, Gushi Jing Fujian thoughts" told reporters that this pair of Ying contact Taiwan celebrities Wang Jinping book, "Henan, Fujian and Taiwan three to jointly promote minwang culture, you come to me, humanity closely, become an important cultural exchange platform". The reporter learned that, at the beginning of 2008, Fuzhou minwang Wang Zhi Shen security patrol Kinmen and the clan cultural exchange delegation of more than 70 people, for the first time by the Xiamen Kinmen route flights to Kinmen, Kinmen 4 days of exchange activities, caused great repercussions in taiwan. In June 2009, Wang Zhi min after gilded "two horse" routes to Taiwan’s security patrol. In October 24, 2012, Wang Zhi minwang first back to hometown Henan Gushi Jinshen security patrol from Clifford, including Wang clan, Matsu Strait 500 minwang descendants with Gongxiangshengju, Lien Chan and Wang Jinping, Wu Boxiong and other celebrities in Taiwan inscription. Fuzhou has successfully held the five session of the first (Wang Shenzhi) cross-strait cultural festival, participation of the public in Taiwan, Keelung, Taichung, Changhua, New Taipei, Taoyuan freshwater, Kinmen and Matsu, Penghu and other more than and 10 counties and Henan, Zhejiang, Fujian province around the city. (end)相关的主题文章: