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G20 Preview: resolve the overcapacity is the prospective global task has been taking the lead Chinese G20: resolve overcapacity is a global task, Chinese has been the first action surging news reporter Wang Can from Hangzhou with the slowdown in world economic growth, the increasingly serious problem of overcapacity. At the eleventh summit of the group of Nations (G20), which is to be held in Hangzhou, it is still one of the most concerned topics for the leaders of the world, how to coordinate the progress of the ball to the production capacity and to ensure a sound recovery of global trade. Prior to a lot of European and American people believe that China’s steel industry as a result of the two industries are serious overcapacity in the country, has affected the global economic growth. But in fact, overcapacity is a global problem, and China is taking the initiative to take responsibility, to resolve excess capacity, set an example for the world. Overcapacity is a global issue, whether it is held in the first half of this year G7 (G7) summit, or the eighth round of Sino US strategic and economic dialogue, the problem of excess production capacity, including iron and steel are the focus of the meeting. In June 6th this year, the eighth round of Sino US strategic and economic dialogue, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lu · the China steel overcapacity issued a challenge, and the problem of excess iron and steel "Chinese bluntly damage and distortion of the global market". Premier of the State Council in a meeting with US Secretary of state Kerrey and finance minister Jacob · Lu said that the fundamental reason is that overcapacity in the world economic recovery is weak, the growth of international trade downturn and the decline in market demand, Chinese to resolve the excess capacity to act according to the market law. Finance minister Lou Jiwei also said, "many international speculation Chinese overcapacity problem, said Chinese drag on the world economy, but Chinese overcapacity is mainly accumulated in the 2008 International Financial crisis." Lou Jiwei pointed out that from 2009 to 2011 Chinese economic growth contributed more than 50% of global economic growth, which is large because of the increased infrastructure investment, resulting in steel, cement, coal and other raw materials production growth. Zheng Yuchun, deputy director of the metallurgical industry economic development research center of the surging news (), said overcapacity is a global problem, not just a Chinese thing. Excess capacity is not relative to demand, from the supply side, because of the global economic slowdown, many products have excess capacity. China’s steel production capacity is indeed large, production accounted for half of the world, but China is also a major consumer of steel, consumption accounted for about half of the world. And China’s steel production costs are relatively low, with great competitiveness. In addition, China’s steel exports accounted for only a small part of China’s annual steel output. Assistant Minister of Commerce Zhang Ji in the middle of August, the policy of the State Council, said the reason for the briefing, China’s steel exports accounted for the proportion of output, the highest year is only about 13%, while some countries have more than 40%. China is now whether the per capita savings of steel, or exports accounted for the proportion of production and capacity utilization in the world is still at a reasonable level. So, for China’s iron and steel overcapacity must be very rational view, the total amount of itself is not a problem, depending on whether the fair competition, the final.相关的主题文章: