Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai Our Corrupted System-nibbuns

Movies-TV The movie is directed by Rumy Jafferry. Nitin Manmohan and One Up Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. jointly produced this film with a clear cinematography of Gururaj Jois and flawless editing of A. Muthu. The lead roles are played by Akshay Khanna, Shriya Saran and Mugdha Godse in the Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai movie. Even the title is created with significance and an absolute meaning. According to the title there are thieves in every alley. The movie actually projected the grave concern regarding this fact. Surprisingly Mugdha has a one more movie in her list named Oh God! Sarey Hai Fraud which is in pre-production stage. It seems that she is the most alarmed personality in Bollywood who really want to wipe out the misdeeds from our society through her movies. This will be her first film with Akshay as well. The Kollywood star Shriya is also working with Akshay and Mugdha for the very first time. The shots are moulded in an efficient and proficient way which will kindles up the real feel of the movie in the core of your heart for sure. Anu Malik is directing the songs of this movie. Annu Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Akhilendra Mishra and Vijay Raaz will be seen in other important characters. There is an item number in the movie with a blazing performance of Veena Malik. She is Channo in the movie. From September 2, 2011 the movie starts the shooting in Bhopal. According to the script, the Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai movie reviews are ought to be different. Akshay depicts a harassed and hopeless life of a bank cashier. The corruptive system in the society makes him trapped and thus his living hood gets effected. The lack of motivation due to the bribing custom transforms his soul into a tormented one. The movie does not have much spicy masala to entertain the public but yes there is a significant message beautifully established in the story line. Peepli Live, No One Killed Jessica and many movies have already highlighted such real burning issues. Yet this movie has a dissimilar essence in it. The movie is meant to understand the darkest part of our socio-economic structure. As this movie is practical kind therefore hopefully Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai rating will be up to the mark. Item song by Veena Malik will help the movie to attract viewers initially but its box office performance will depend a lot on its lead actors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: