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Gas poisoning into the high incidence of the public need to guard against " stealth killer " every winter is carbon monoxide poisoning is commonly known as the peak of gas poisoning. Only recently, Taizhou Hospital received four carbon monoxide poisoning patients. Here in the therapeutic room, Taizhou Hospital, through this small window, you can see there are a lot of patients. Doctors told us that there are four of these patients because of gas poisoning caused by brain hypoxia, came here for treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen, Taizhou Hospital physician Yu Jiansong: "No. 13 received two patients of carbon monoxide poisoning, is a pair of mother and daughter, because after bathing, carbon monoxide poisoning, emergency to our side, we carried out hyperbaric oxygen therapy, relatively speaking is quite serious, for more than an hour for the duration of coma." Fortunately, because the rescue in time, the current number of patients are very stable condition. It is understood that every winter, the city will be more than a gas poisoning incident. Most of all because of improper use of gas water heater installation or in closed environment caused by using charcoal heating. Taizhou Hospital hyperbaric oxygen department physician Yu Jiansong: "use the liquefied gas in a closed environment, produced by incomplete combustion of carbon monoxide, which is colorless and tasteless, the inhalation of carbon monoxide in the imperceptibly in many US, many people thought it was caused by a leak of liquefied gas tank (gas) leak, like the taste is very thick, generally not carbon monoxide poisoning." Carbon monoxide colorless and tasteless, once the carbon monoxide content in the room to rise, a large number of hemoglobin will be combined with carbon monoxide, the formation of carbon monoxide hemoglobin. Without oxygen, the body tissue would suffocate. All the cells of the body will be poisoned, especially the most damaged brain cells. Once the discovery of carbon monoxide poisoning incident, it is necessary to immediately ventilation, evacuation, and timely to the hospital.相关的主题文章: