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Go out of the country Du Chun "female strong" "wife" popular overseas female is not strong is not big _41 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watching "the woman is not strong is not" entertainment news following the day Tencent "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "startling step by step" (Opera), "Nirvana in Fire" in the production of costume drama in the overseas hit and get a good reputation, "his wife is the realistic theme" 80 urban emotional drama also have to go abroad. Beginning in Malaysia hit by Du Chun starring "80" not long ago, and recently landed eight television Chinese in Taiwan, it is reported by his starring another urban inspirational emotional drama "female" will not strong day not at the end of this year in the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and other countries broadcast, popular overseas. Ten to Chinese costume drama popular overseas, rich heritage and powerful charm Chinese due to the long history and culture, and now the urban emotional drama output, then show the positive moment Chinese youth spirit to the world. In the "80" is his wife, Du Chun’s "extraordinary Lu" is a got out of the hall, got into the kitchen, to afford the former town homes, the standard room warm man, righteous, unconditional love for his wife. In the "female" is not not strong day, Du Chun still plays a good husband and successful family, the family in their career and family, but found a new occupation suitable for the development of their children in the process. The two TV series with a strong production team and conscience in China once broadcast will get good ratings and reputation. This time in overseas broadcast, so that Du Chun’s overseas fans boiling endless, have left a message on micro-blog, I hope other TV drama is also a lot of travel abroad." It is reported that from the beginning of the end of October, the female is not strong days will continue to visit the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, China and other overseas theaters. More and more overseas viewers will understand China through the media, and look forward to see Du Chun more exciting performance.相关的主题文章: