Good agricultural products and colored public fund heavily layout of commodity futures kamikaze love

Good agricultural products and colored public fund "heavily" layout of commodity futures reporter Cao Chengyu "we are looking forward to the birth of ETF agricultural products, strategies have been well evaluated." In September 3rd, the DCE and the Milky Way futures sponsored "2016-2017 crop domestic and international oil Market Analysis Seminar", a futures private person told reporters. Not far behind him is just finished the speech, Hua Tai Bairui fund manager Liu Jun, he intends to big business as the fund manager of the agricultural product ETF has accepted the Commission, and is not approved, but he has been warmly welcomed by the audience of the private equity futures and industrial capital sources. With the domestic funds for commodity categories of products configuration speed, raised "heavily" also accelerated admission, and other articles to the capital market, the investment ideas of industrial capital and traditional futures market or they have different. Futures investment believes that the liquidity of futures market is expected to usher in a better fight hand to hand with arbitrage opportunity in the early, for example, raised products shift positions for the month, the traditional futures funds may be expected to harvest a new batch of "leek"; but the two sides will eventually win. Some of the trend of private equity investment in the view that, although because of the new funds to join the future volatility increased, but they do not have much room for short. The size of the public offering of commodity futures than expected in 2010 to the end of June 2016 6 years, wind data show that the public fund only 13 commodities fund, not to the fund as a whole number of 1%. The only country to vote UBS silver futures LOF these 1 fund direct investment futures contracts. However, from last October to August 26th this year, according to the Commission’s announcement, commodity futures ETF fund companies have submitted and waiting for approval has reached 13 in the same period, take the "common program" waiting for the approval of the 60 public offering of products, commodities accounted for more than 20%, take the "innovation fund products common program" the large, it also shows that the public offering is "heavily" layout of commodity futures products. Haitong Securities Research Institute believes that high, according to the product application time, the number of commodity futures began raising funds raised in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year, according to a scale of 1 billion yuan to calculate, there will be nearly 20 billion scale funding approach. In the asset shortage, these products will become the entrance of other market funds commodity categories of assets, liquidity of the futures market will increase. Therefore, the future is expected to have a greater impact on the futures market commodity futures fund structure of the futures market. We have declared two commodity futures ETF Dacheng Fund said that the commodity economy is an integral part of the rotation cycle configuration varieties, the investment is relatively complex, high professional requirements, ordinary investors to participate in. Today, through commodity futures class ETF, investors do not need to directly participate in commodity market transactions, only through the purchase and redemption of listed trading fund shares to participate in commodity investment. At the same time, the scale effect of minimizing the unit cost of investment, the fund company’s professional investment capacity can also bring investors to shift positions income and interest income, commodity fund is suitable for ordinary investors investment tool, is the overseas mature market investors to invest in commodities is the mainstream.相关的主题文章: