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[good] Chelsea vs wave SMG recommended: Manchester Mourinho revisiting fangeyiji "red and blue war" – Sports Sohu under the title triggered at any moment click on the "good" wave 6383 quick attention SMG: Sunday 040 screenings event name: Premier League against both sides: Chelsea VS Manchester United game time: 2016-10-23 Sunday 23:00 venue: Standford bridge the stadium Guangdong sports channel sports LETV asian handicap: 0.94 half 0.98 SMG index: (0) 2.02 3.10 3.22 4.25 3.85 1.58 (-1) of fundamental analysis Chelsea experienced last season landslide, this season comeback, headed by Conti to the new season. The league has now passed the 8 round, Chelsea scored 16 points in the fifth, is already back on track. Recently Conti to play the three guard lineup, the overall effect is remarkable, beat Fatse city in the last round of home court 3-0, nearly 2 round of the English Premier League matches, which scored 5, keep a clean sheet, very solid at the back. Manchester United to 14 points in the standings for the time being ranked in the top seventh, there is still a distance from the top three. Manchester United suffered a wave before the match 3 successive defeats, fortunately, back on track, to play Europa’s 4-1 win over Farenair Pace, nearly 6 games won 4 wins 2 flat. Recently the team suffered a devil race, the Premier League after Liverpool, Europa and Fenerbahce, while the battle after the British Cup but also in the city of Manchester, a series of high strength showdown will be no small consumption of energy. Injury summary Chelsea injured Van Ginkel (midfielder) against a doubt: Zuma (Manchester United defender) injured Phil Jones (guard) for doubt: mkhitaryan (midfielder) both the status of the home team:: good wave chief competitive two color analyst nearly 10 games, Chelsea 4 wins, 6 unbeaten, nearly 4 a home court is 3 wins and 1 draws full advantage. The data for the Asian field open Chelsea main let flat half water starting grids, having upper level not too much volatility in 0.94 to maintain the water to high water floating in the interval, past performance dominant, the strength of both sides, institutions can give even half water ", is the main handicap lowest two teams played in history. The visible body for Chelsea tendency is insufficient; the compensate, mainstream institutions have cut flat compensate, draw on prevention efforts greatly, on the whole, the resistance increase, the Mu is expected to Manchester United in the Standford bridge and out of the body, let the ball SMG recommended: Chelsea (-1) negative. The immediate search "good wave", we focus on the public number! The search platform "wave", download the latest client! Click a button to download the original reading of "good perten"相关的主题文章: