Google express to find a new way to operate the business, the year will cover the United States

Google fresh express Express to find the way to operate, the year will cover the national BI Chinese station on September 14th reported Google (micro-blog) want to seriously deal with the launch of the Amazon Prime fresh courier service Express. Now this service has covered 20 states and regions, general manager of Google Express Blaine · Eliot (Brian Elliott) said the company plans before the end of the year that this service covers the United states. In order to achieve this goal, Express business department made a difficult decision to suspend part of general merchandise business and stop selling fruits and vegetables and other fresh products. Express business from February this year in San Francisco and parts of Losangeles to test the service. Eliot said: "we tested a lot of different products, in order to find out how to engage in this business. Now we are going to expand the business." Covering the United States and the new cooperative transaction Google as early as 2013, when it launched the Shopping Express courier service, in part, to avoid eating Amazon’s product search business. Now, more and more people began to search for water bottles, flat screen TV and other goods on Amazon, which poses a threat to Google’s advertising business. Google wants to make Express the first choice for product search and make it easier for consumers to buy what they want. But over the past three years, Google has encountered a lot of trouble, including the adjustment of express mode and executive personnel changes. The Express department’s founding patriarch Tom · Faraos (Tom Fallows) at the end of 2014 jumped to Uber, midway temporary appointment of executives, until Eliot officially took over the general manager in a year ago. Eliot said, now Shopping Express finally found a suitable business model, so ready to expand the scale of the business. Express does not intend to adopt a fully unified express mode, but is prepared to use the same day delivery, overnight delivery and two day service, such as the coexistence of a variety of modes of business models. Users can choose different mode of payment, is based on a single payment, the lowest cost per delivery service for $4.99; the other is a member of the service, the annual cost of $95. Users can also pass a monthly fee for a $10 plan to try the service. Up to now, Express has signed 50 cooperative businesses, including Target, Walgreens, Petsmart, REI, Wayfair and Ranch 99 Market. Express will also expand the national service for Whole Foods and Costco two partners. Even if it is not Costco members of the consumer can also shop in Costco, but the price will be slightly higher than the member price. Expand the scope of the courier service between the two partners that Express will focus on commodity categories, but consumers still can not order control.相关的主题文章: